Eggs, Eggs everywhere

This may possibly be my favourite time of year, well except for Christmas that is – not only are the daffodils blooming everywhere, flowers springing up and making the gardens look beautiful once again but the weather has finally become nicer, the kids have been playing in the garden and the washing can finally unclutter my kitchen and make it outside to the washing line.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass (although it’s a shame my hay fever doesn’t like it quite so much) and there is nothing better than getting into freshly cleaned sheets which have been dried in the fresh air. It really is the simple things in life which please me greatly.  I’m sure I am not alone here.

Of course this time of year also means that the shops are filled with Easter Eggs, and while the children don’t just have any – they need to wait for the Easter Bunny to deliver them, I have sneaked a tray of 12 Crème Eggs into the top of the fridge hidden away from the children as they are my favourite, thankfully the kids don’t actually like them but if they see them I will have to explain that I’ve not got them any special Easter chocolate as it isn’t Easter just yet.

Did you know that the Cadbury’s factory makes over 1.5 Million Crème Eggs every single day? Now that is a job I would love….although I’m sure I would soon get sick of the sight of them.  Take a look at this infographic to find out more Eater facts.

We love an Easter Egg hunt in our household, however we do find that coming from such a large family the children are inundated with chocolate. Last year those Eggs saw us through to the Summer and I even had some of mine left in October!

I do have to be careful with the amount of chocolate and bad fats I consume however and have written before about my FH (Familiar Hypercholesterolaemia) before, I am on supposed to be on tablets to control my cholesterol levels however I am a nightmare at remembering to take them, instead I prefer to limit the foods I eat, eat healthily when I can and balance my diet with a very good intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, meals are packed with these and I have also started adding whey protein to my smoothies as it thought to help lower cholesterol levels as well as having other health benefits such as aiding weight-loss, and helping to build immunity and contains all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content.

Of course, I won’t avoid eating the Easter Eggs but I won’t over indulge either.

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