Top Money Saving Tips While Travelling With Your Family

I have come across so many families who are all set for a long holiday tour. While talking to them, I found that most of them are either first-time travellers or lack in smart travelling tips. So, I am here with a lot of hidden tricks to go thrifty while travelling that too, without cutting off fun. So, here we go.

Airplane in the sky at sunset
Airplane in the sky at sunset

Plan Your Holiday In Advance

Many people decide on the spare of the moment or leave planning to the last minute. This maybe due to circumstances – an end of a relationship and a change needed or a death of a loved one and being left some money be surrounded with circumstances, what these people seem to have in common is lack of planning and thinking they have plenty of time to decide where to head next and where to stay.
This is of course true but having a rough idea of where you want to go and stay does help in planning and saving money – perhaps it’s best to pick your first destination and book a hotel/hostel etc and then book one for the next destination – this means you have to be at a certain place at a certain time but what you do in between and how you get there is still left to spare of the moment decisions.

Forward planning does help to ensure you get the best deals, so if you are planning a holiday where you travel from one place to another you can have a lot of choice booking in advance, from:

  • Luxury hotels at a cheap price
  • Choice of destination
  • Multiple holiday options to select
  • More time to research your destination

In case, you want to plan your holiday in hurry, then find out the last minutes deals. You can find a plenty of sites, which offer great prices on last minute holiday booking.

Be Flexible; Save More & Have Great Fun

If you are flexible on your destination choice then you are more likely to find a bargain holiday, of course being flexible on travelling dates really helps too however if you have kids in school this really isn’t an option for many now due to not being able to take the kids out of school in term time – do make the most of this when the kids are young enough up until Nursery age when you can still take them out if you want to.

You’ll save so much money going in school term time if this is an option for you.

Choose an Indirect Flight

A direct flight may cost you more. So, if you have time, then fly indirectly. It has some benefits as well. You would get a chance to visit some new places, however, it will be fully based on your flight schedule. If you get at least 2 to 3 hours halt or more, then you can visit the new location as well.

Bring BYO Food On Board

Some of the flight service providers charge extra for food. If they do, it could be better if you take some lights snacks with you on board especially if you are a fussy eater.

Book Parking Earlier

If you want to park your car at the airport, then book it in advance. Most of the airport parking companies have better deals if booked in advance. Also, browse vouchers and discount codes online so that you can get a great bargain on your booking. will help you to get the best deals on your purchase.

Don’t Bring Unnecessary Luggage

It can cause both extra carrier charge and you may also get tired of carrying them on your shoulder. So, bring only the most necessary goods along with you. If possible, cram the luggage into hand luggage, no flights charge for the luggage worn or carried on hand.

Stay In Private Rooms Instead Of Hotels

If you are travelling along with your family, then booking hotel may cost you a lot. There are so many different options available, so maybe a private room or apartment could actually save you money, especially if it has a kitchen so you can make your own food – you’ll save a fortune this way.

Eat Like A Local

When you are travelling overseas, you are likely to get everything, whether it is food, people and atmosphere. Eat like local as it will save money as well as you would get something new to taste. To me there is no point travelling to a new place if you don’t at try the local foods even just once.

Travel & Get Paid

Not an option for all but if you are travelling you maybe able to get work while holidaying at the same time: Friends of mine have found bar work, teaching jobs and even Nanny jobs while they have been on a travelling holiday – just be sure to check out which working visas you need in advance otherwise you could get in trouble.

What are your top tips for making the most of travelling holidays?

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