Why UK Winter Holidays beat the Sun

We are well into 2017 now will nearly everyone back to work after the festive break and already some of us feel ready for a break but, before taking out your passport, consider what the UK has to offer.

At the beginning of the year many of us are pining for the sun and would rather be tanning ourselves on a beach in the Dominican Republic with a cocktail in hand and a good read in the other. Why would we even consider staying in the wet and cold?

Okay, the obvious reason is the cost factor. Opting for a domestic weekend away is going to be kinder on the bank balance than being whisked away to the Caribbean, especially as we are all still saving the pennies after Christmas.

Just because the weather is cold does not mean that you can’t enjoy a heart-warming experience to share with the family. There are numerous locations in the UK perfect for winter holidays offering a mixture of adventure and relaxation with stunning scenery that are suitable for the whole family. You can search for lots of holidays at Hundredrooms.

Relaxing Holidays

If you have barely had chance to catch your breath over the festive and New Year period, it is safe to say you will be pining for a sit down and to be waited on hand and foot. One option could be to get the family together for a winter holiday in a caravan.


Caravan parks can be found around the country, just a stone’s throw away from some of the UK’s most amazing and historic locations. While keeping costs down to a minimum, taking the family to a caravan holiday park is a great way to bring everyone together and get away from normal day-to-day life.

Heading out to a holiday park will also give you the opportunity to explore woodlands and reacquaint with nature, not to mention blow away any cobwebs you might have from being stuck indoors all winter. Take your loved ones for an afternoon stroll around a lake and settle down for some lunch where you can warm yourself up with a nice hot meal.

If staying in a caravan is not quite up your street then why not look into booking an extended weekend in a remote log cabin or apartment? All of the luxuries of home without having to do any of the cooking or cleaning!


Adventure Holidays

Perhaps you want to prolong the excitement from the New Year and experience a rush of adrenaline? There are plenty of options where you can get that buzz right here in the UK without the need to go jet setting.

One not so hidden gem is Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. You may not find a band of merry men, but what you will find is something for the whole family and sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.


There is a fascinating history supplying the backstory to Sherwood Forest, with evidence of prehistoric hunter-gatherers using the area with flint tools found in the forest. Sherwood Forest has been used by various farming communities since the turn of the 9th century, with many of those still present today.

Following the invasion of William the Conqueror, Sherwood Forest became a royal hunting forest in 1066 and was popular among many Norman kings – in fact, the ruins of King John I’s hunting lodge can be seen to this day near Kings Clipstone, a small village in Nottinghamshire.

Of course, Sherwood Forest is famous in popular culture for the legend of Robin Hood, who was thought to have occupied the forest in the 1200s. During this time travellers on the Great North Way, the main road between London and York, were often ambushed by robbers.

If spending your winter holidays in the middle of a forest is not your thing then why not spend it in the mountains? Snowdonia National Park in North Wales is a hotbed for those chasing adventure, and also offers very reasonable rates for long weekends in their log cabins.

Whether you want to try your hand at mountain climbing, exploring various caves and mines in the area or take the children round some of the many child-friendly attractions in the area, your lust for adventure is sure to be filled.

Winter Festivals

If you much prefer a city break for your winter holidays then why not tie in a visit to one of the UK’s many winter festivals? While it is too late to experience the world famous Blackpool illuminations, the Magical Lantern Festival in London is open from 19 January through to 26 February to celebrate Chinese New Year.

An amazing 110,000 visitors experienced the first annual festival in January 2016 following three years of planning by the organisers with more expected this time around to join in the fun. Tickets are available from as little as £5.90 a day and the venue in Chiswick is easily accessible via public transport – around a 10-minute walk from the nearest tube station.

The festival has expanded across three UK cities and into other major European cities and, due to its initial success, has been nominated in four categories at the Haymarket Event Awards – Best Outdoor Event, Best Game Changer, Best Debut Event and Best Creative Event.

In 2017, the theme for the Magical Lantern Festival is ‘Explore the Silk Road’, which will begin with a 15-metre wide lantern of the Houses of Parliament followed by various lanterns representing Europe, Central Asia, India, Egypt, Persia, Arabia and Ancient China.

If you are planning on a stay in London for your UK winter holidays, then a trip to experience the culture and artistic brilliance at the Magical Lantern Festival is a must.

Also on around the same time in the capital is the Winter Lights Festival at Canary Wharf, another must if you wish to be wowed and have the opportunity to capture some amazing pictures.

Between 16 and 27 January, Canary Wharf becomes its own light show with stunning visuals from artists from around the world out on display, illuminating the business district. One of the centrepieces of this year’s festival is a giant illuminated egg called OVO, produced by Belgian studio Odeaubois, representing new life which is sure to be an eye catcher.


UK Winter Holidays vs. Going Abroad

As detailed there are many reasons to stay in the UK this winter instead of hopping on a plane in search of the sun. There are many options to warm you up on these shores and at a fraction of the cost.

Sure, everyone loves to nap on the beach, but creating memories with loved ones, especially if they are your children, and showing them everything that their own back yard has to offer is priceless.

If you scratch beneath the surface there is an abundance of culture and adventure waiting to be found, with more than a smattering of relaxation to fight away those winter blues, and for a fraction of the price.

Whether it is a relaxing stay in a caravan, following the footsteps of Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest, or celebrating Chinese New Year at the Magical Lantern Festival, a winter holiday in the UK is the perfect break for your family.

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