We know which Quinny we are testing – would you like to win one?

So after months and months of waiting around having originally been chosen as a QuinnyCaster back in early July for the Quinny Senzz we have just been told which Brand New Quinny we will be testing and it’s the…. YEZZ.

Our journey started with applying to become a Senzz tester way back in May – we had to send a product review we had already written into Quinny HQ and wait to see who the chosen 20 would be.  The product review I sent in was Sunshine Buggy Clips.  At the time I had only witten 3 reviews for Mummy News so was limited however this didn’t matter as I was chosen.  You can see my other QuinnyCasting posts here.

Emails have been passed back and forth for ages now and we were told that 10 Casters would be testing the Brand New Moodd and 10 testing the Brand New Yezz.  Yesterday an email was sent which FINALLY told us what was going on….

“Dear QuinnyCaster,

Congratulations QuinnyCaster you will be testing a QUINNY YEZZ!

Quinny hopes you are pleased to know that you will testing the fabulous Quinny Yezz. The process in choosing the right QuinnyCaster with the right product has been difficult but Quinny is certain it has made perfect matches, taking everything you have provided into consideration.

So what now? Well now it’s time to receive your product and Quinny anticipates that this will happen towards the end of December. Quinny will be in touch with a delivery date, expected to be before Christmas. You will also receive a raincover with the Quinny Yezz – this is an accessory it’s not actually included when you buy the Quinny Yezz…………”

There was more to the email but the above says it all.

We have chosen to the Purple Rush colour and will indeed love to put this buggy through it’s paces during our daily activities – walking to the shops as we try not to use the car as much as possible and I only use the car for big supermarket shops maybe once a fortnight.  This buggy will also be used for work purposes as I nanny for a little girl 6 months younger than Emmy and of course there is our daily dog walks through the fields and woods behind our house.

Keep watching to see how the Yezz stands up to these trials!

How would you like the chance to win one for yourselves?  Or Maybe the Moodd grabs you?
This isn’t a competition being run by little old me – this is a huge competition being run by Pushchair Trader.

Every day during December Pushchair Trader launch a competition to win a Brand New Buggy, with prizes such as:

  • Bugaboo Donkey Duo System
  • Jane Trider
  • Britax B-Agile
  • Quinny Buzz 3, Moodd and Yezz
  • Joolz
  • Phil & Ted
  • Mima
  • and many many more!

To enter for free please visit www.pushchairtrader.co.uk/en/vip-competitions/

Everyone can enter once for free or for £10 a year you can sign up to become a VIP and not have to enter any of their fantastic competitions again for a year as you are automatically entered into all competitions 10 times.  You will be entered automatically into all advent competitions 25 times, recieve great discounts and also a £5 voucher to spend in the Puschair Trader Shop.

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