What I’m thankful for this week

This week I am thankful for being a SAHM/WAHM.

This week both children have been poorly.

They have both wanted Mummy cuddles.

Both been sick

Both have been crying

Both have slept during the day – and once at the same time!

I’m thankful that I am at home to look after them

I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about how I get to work with them both being poorly

Thankful that I don’t need to still pay a childminder/nursery when they are unable to attend

I’m pleased to be able to spend my time with them while they are so young

2 poorly children watching TV, www.emmysmummy.com

Adventures of A Monkeyfooted Mummy

3 thoughts on “What I’m thankful for this week

  1. Ha ha, sorry can't help laughing. I'm sat here with chicken pox! My 9yo got over it last week and went back to school and now me and the 5yo have got it and the 5yo is getting better much quicker than I am which is annoying shall we say!

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