Working on the go – Where to find free WiFi in London?

free wifi in london

Self employment and working from home is great for me, it means we are able to enjoy days out and holidays at the drop of a hat, no booking days off for me and I can make all the kids assemblies and school events.

I can pick and choose my hours and if I am needed with the children during the day as I am currently as it’s school holidays then I can work in the evenings when they are in bed. I can also take my laptop with me on holidays and if I have urgent deadlines to meet I can do the majority from my phone or tablet on the go while the children play.

I am often in London for meetings and events both with and without the children, and many of those trips involve social media updates at the minimum, phone data makes this easy however it does run out rather quickly if I rely on it too often so I do like to search out places with free WiFi.

Many establishments will happily let you sit around working as long as you purchase something first, coffee shops, bars and even hotels are more than happy to accommodate you – OK you may not be able to sit there all day with a single cup of coffee however top it up or grab a sandwich and you extend your stay and not outstay your welcome.

Where to Find Free WiFi in London?

Where to find free wifi in london

  • The Southbank Centre
    A lovely location and easy to get to, there are comfy chairs dotted around and high speed internet, you’ll also find plug sockets in some places. Offering a wonderful view of the Thames I can certainly think of worse places to work from.
  • Coffee Shops
    Sign-in use at your convenience, you’ll need to buy something initially of course and I wouldn’t leave your laptop sitting on the table if you pop to the toilet while in London, although I actually wouldn’t advise this anywhere you go really. There are many coffee shops dotted around so you’ll never be too far from one wherever in London you are, where you want a chain such as Costa or Starbucks or a smaller independent coffee shop – just look for the sign on the door saying free WiFi.
  • The Breakfast Club
    Not somewhere you can sit for hours during busy periods such as the weekends, but at quieter times during the day you can happily sit for a good length of time, eat great food and sip away slowly at your drinks, and in the evenings you are even able to take your own wine or beer should you want to combine socialising with friends and a quick work catch up.
  • Waterstones
    These often have a comfy corner or space within where you can work briefly, not for a length of time but catching up quickly on emails wouldn’t be a problem, although head to Piccadilly and you’ll find a café in that Waterstones where you can spend longer.
  • McDonalds
    You’ll need to buy something but there is plenty of seating and also toilets – I do find these to be noisy if you have important work to do but earphones are a way around this.
  • Hotels
    There are many hotels in London which offer free WiFi throughout, whether you are staying over night recharging your batteries and taking in the sights during the day or just sitting in the bar with a drink and a snack having some lunch, The Piccadilly London West End is just one of those where you can do both, with great internet speeds suited for their corporate clients.
  • Museums
    Not only are these free to enter but many offer free WiFi inside too – it may be you’ll have to wander around for a while to get the best service and to find somewhere to sit but once you do you are able to spend as long as you want there and you don’t even have to purchase anything from the gift shop or café. Try The National Gallery, The British Museum, V&A or Tate Britain. Then if you have time left after working you can wander around the Museums too.

Do you have any other suggestions of where to work on the go while in London?

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