5 Tips to Renting Equipment on a Budget in Vancouver

When you need to use heavy equipment for a short period of time, the best bet is to always rent it. Renting heavy equipment is common in Vancouver, and a number of rental companies have sprung to offer such services. As opposed to buying equipment, renting allows you access to the best technologically up-to-date equipment without breaking the bank. Budget, storage, and maintenance costs being some of them, there’s a number of important things to consider when renting heavy equipment though. And if you come from the most ethnically diverse coastal seaport western Canada city, here’s a piece you could use. Below are 5 tips to renting equipment on a budget in Vancouver.

1. Assess Your Needs and Finances
Before renting, you always need to calculate the cost of renting the equipment and compare it with the cost of buying the equipment. First, get quotations on how much it costs to rent the particular equipment along with associated charges if any. You’ll also want to determine the total number of days you’ll be using equipment beforehand. You can use this to determine how much you need. A rule of thumb here is, never to rent equipment that will cost you more money that you would spend buying it.

2. Read the Contract Carefully
Since there are quite a number of heavy equipment rental companies in Vancouver, they normally have different contractual terms. It is, therefore, crucial for you to take your time to read the contract and comprehend its requirements. When reading the fine print, you need to pay attention to things like fuel, lateness fees, delivery charges, and the company’s definition of damage. Lastly, it is important to understand the company’s return policy. Also, it is advisable to go through the fine prints of more than one company so that you can select the one that is not only cheap but fits your needs.

3. Check for Discounts
Discounts always ensure that you save on costs. However, you need to pay attention to the reason why a particular company offers deep discounts than the others. You don’t want to lay hands on damaged, faulty or dysfunctional equipment. When checking for discounts, consider working with well-established companies who’ll give you equipment that is as good as new.

4. Training
As a result of stiff competition and ensuring that you get the best out of their equipment, some heavy equipment rental companies in Vancouver ensure that they train your team before they start using the equipment. In fact, some insist on the importance of safety. It’s thus important to avoid working with companies that are on geared only towards making a profit. Select a company that ensures your team is trained adequately before the equipment is used.

5. Timing Is Vital
Before rushing to rent any equipment, it’s important to ensure that you’ll start using it as soon as it is delivered to you. You need, therefore, to sync the construction and the rental time. This will prevent you from burning your money to rent equipment that you may need a week later, especially for the time-based equipment rentals.

Since renting is an investment, you need to make sure that you take your time to assess the market. Also, you need to pay keen attention to safety guidelines. Liability can greatly cost you. But fortunately, the above tips ensure you’re well prepared to make an informed decision when finding a good heavy equipment rental Vancouver Company that you won’t regret working with.


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