A Champagne occasion?

Is there such thing as a Champagne occasion?

Does there need to be an excuse?

In my house we usually have Champagne at:

  • Christmas
  • Birthday’s
  • Christening’s
  • Wedding’s
  • Anniversaries  

As both of the kids are now Christened and Paul and I are already married the occasions are becoming less and less.

Should that be the case though?

No.  I personally don’t think there needs to be a special occasion to spoil yourselves once in a while, so when Waitrose asked if I had a Champagne occasion coming up that I would like to celebrate I decide that Paul and I deserved a date night.

It was my birthday back in December however with Christmas and two young kids there wasn’t much time to celebrate so they very kindly sent me some Champagne, chocolates, balloons, birthday banners and some luxury bubble bath as a belated birthday treat and to help with my perfect date night.

I have to say I’m very lucky as the Champagne was a lovely luxury treat for a night in with my hubby (no babysitters meant it had to be a night in) – we started our date night by putting the kids to bed and then had a nice steak dinner (our favourite treat).

With phones switched off and no laptop in sight it was nice to spend time relaxing, chatting and spending some time together.  This is something we don’t have much time for during the week as Paul leaves for work at 7.30am and doesn’t get home until 7.30pm – by the time the kids are asleep and the dog walked the evening is over and it’s the next day again.

Relaxing and chatting while watching a film was a lovely evening and a nice change for us.  The Champagne and chocolates went down very well of course!

My perfect evening was topped off by a hot bubble bath and an early night while Paul watched some rubbish on TV. (I know – I’m so rock and roll)

How would you spend a perfect date night?

Waitrose are giving everyone who shops online with them throughout January a FREE bottle of Champagne with every order.  Will you keep yours or give it away?

I actually saved some of mine and will be trying out some of the recipes on their website later on this week – the Champagne Risotto looks lovely and will be a nice change from the usual meals which I tend to keep rotating, I had never thought to add it to my cooking before – I’m not quite sure why as I use wine in a lot of my cooking.  I will also be making some Champagne cocktails just because – there really doesn’t have to be an excuse for that does there?

Photo credit – Waitrose

Disclaimer: I was sent a lovely package of birthday treats to enjoy a special evening with my hubby for the purpose of this post.

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