A Letter to all the interferring busy bodies……….

Dear Old Lady in the Doctors,

There is a reason I am in the doctors surgery with my two children on a Monday morning.

This isn’t the place I choose to spend my Monday morning, it’s not a pleasant place to be.

Keeping two children amused while my appointment over-runs by nearly an hour isn’t exactly fun now is it?

Would this be how you chose to spend your mornings given the choice?

I hope not!  although I do wonder

Now my daughter is poorly!

When your poorly what do you do?
Do you want comfort and cuddles?
Do you want looking after and caring for?

I really hope the answer to those questions are Yes

When my kids are poorly I will bend over backwards for them, nothing is too much trouble and if my daughter wants carrying then I will carry her!  If she wants her dummy when we are out then she can have it.

I am her MUM – not YOU!!

I tell her what to do – NOT YOU!!

How DARE you tell her she is too big for cuddles and a dummy! and she doesn’t need them.

I decide that – NOT YOU!

She is poorly and I will let her have a dummy if she wants it.

At the end of the day she is 3 years old

Back off and leave her alone – you upset her which in turn has upset me

Next time think about what you saying and think before you speak and upset others again

Thank you

A concerned and annoyed Mummy

20 thoughts on “A Letter to all the interferring busy bodies……….

  1. Haha – You paint a very good picture of experiences we have all had. Disapproving people who think their way is the only way and anyone doing it differently has not got a clue. Well done.

  2. Some people are very rude, trying to keep kids quiet in a surgery is a nightmare! Ours is always running late and there's only so many times you can look at the fish. Hope everyone feels better soon, popping over from pocolo

  3. Aaaagh! That makes me so angry! How dare people say things to your kids? It is none of their business! An old man shouted at my son when he was 2 and a half for running round a Waitrose coffee shop. I gave him what for! How dare anyone interfere? And if they have an issue, speak to you, not your kids!
    You know who to bring up your kids and what is right for them, not an interfering old lady. Things were done differently in their day – people had so many kids and all the housework was so manual, kids were left to fend for themselves more. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't cuddle our kids! My daughter is 7, I lift her in and out of bed every day because that's what she likes. I will carry on doing it until I am physically unable to do it.
    Popping over from #PoCoLO

  4. VERY well said!! I hate it when other people try and parent your child. YOU know them best and what they need. NOT them!!! Bless her, I hope she is feeling better now. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


    I hate people like this! How dare she interfere in your life.

    Next old grumpy bat that does this to you ask if they've sorted out their funeral arrangements yet, as they are looking very ill and not surprised they are at the doctors!


    #PoCoLo <- I think I've got them round the right way lol

  6. good grief she must have had a very neglected childhood and have been a horrible cold and unloving mother, if ever she had been lucky enough to have children.

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