Accidents at work do happen

I guess I am in a unique position in that I don’t leave my house to go to work, that means I can set my own hours, choose where to work “Have laptop will travel” – although that is usually upstairs to bed to get cosy and warm while working.  It also means that I have access to the fridge when I want it and can pop some washing on and unload the dishwasher as I answer emails.

If my workplace is messy and untidy I have no-one to blame but myself however if you are employed and go elsewhere to work you’d expect that workplace to be fit for purpose and safe wouldn’t you?

Personal Injury Solicitors, Hayward Baker recently commissioned new research which reveals the unsafe and unsanitary working conditions that are putting the health of millions of British workers in serious danger.

During this study a whopping 69% of British workers (21 million) claim their work place is a health hazard: While a huge figure, it is easy to see why….I’m sure every single one of my readers can recall a stop/shop they when into where the bathrooms were filthy, the counters cluttered and boxes stacked too high. While, thankfully it isn’t a common thing I been in at least 4 like this within the past 3 months alone.

The following infographic shows just a few of the findings from this study:


personal-injuryThis study was commissioned following the launch of the personal injury solicitors new interactive injury compensation calculator, this is a new resource which can help employees work out how much they could be entitled to following an industrial accident in the work place.

I wasn’t at all surprised by the number of people who said they had picked up an illness from their workplace – 35%, as when I worked in Day Nurseries and Schools bugs and germs pass around so easily and I can only imagine it to be the same with a busy office environment.  I was however shocked at the 18% who had caught food poisoning or a bug due to dirty work conditions.

And it has made me rather glad to work from home when I read that 46% of workers had complained about the state of their work place and of those complaints 21% were ignored – at least I have no one to blame for the unwashed dishes in the sink but myself!

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One thought on “Accidents at work do happen

  1. Wow, these statistics are astounding! I can’t believe 21% said their bosses would do nothing to rectify the workplace problems. As this information becomes more circulated, hopefully something will be done to lower these numbers. Thanks for sharing!

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