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Just incase you’ve missed the memo it’s Christmas next week!  I know, I know – it’s come around far too quickly for my liking too and I’ll admit it I’m not ready.  I’ve all the presents BUT I’m still to wrap all the kids ones and that’s going to take me a while, and we need to build a wooden kitchen too.
That’s a lot to worry about without the worry of a food shop on top.  Asda have very kindly solved that worry for me and have sent a wonderful hamper containing a selection of their Extra Special foods from the festive range ready for our Christmas dinner.
Our hamper contained:
  • Extra Special 21 Day Aged Bone-In Horseradish Beef (£19.80 per kg) 
  • Extra Special Rack of Venison (£32.70 per kg)
  • Extra Special Six Bird Roast (£40) 
  • Extra Special Festive Fruit Stuffing Bomb (£5) 
  • Extra Special Sprouts with Bacon and Mustard Butter (£2.50) 
  • Extra Special Pigs in Blankets (£3) 
  • Extra Special Puff Pastry Mince Pies (£2)
  • Extra Special Wine
We are having our Christmas dinner here on Christmas eve with my parents and my Nan and on Christmas day will be visiting Paul’s parents.
Traditionally we always have a Turkey for our festive feast however this year we are now looking forward to this Six Bird Roast as an extra special treat.
The extra special six bird roast and contains all British Turkey, skinless Duck fillet, Chicken breast, wild Pheasant, Partridge and Pigeon.  To help keep the outer layer of turkey moist and tender it has been latticed with British oak smoked streaky bacon.
It has been topped already with Parsley and cracked pepper – no extra preparation is needed, just pop into the oven and baste it well during the cooking.  Available in stores from the 19th December priced at £40 and will feed 10 people.
The Venison I am planning to cook on Boxing day. This is an eight-rib rack with Cranberry and Port butter.  It serves 8 people and costs £32.70 per kg and available in sore from 19th December.
I have eaten Venison before but I’ve never cooked it so have turned to the Asda Butchers for their advice on this one. They say it is best seasoned with salt and pink or mixed peppercorns to give an aromatic flavour.
Juniper berries and rosemary are great ingredients to rub on game meats.  Keep it rustic and don’t worry about adding too much to the outer meat, any excess flavourings will fall into the tin and you can add to your gravy for flavour later on.  Don’t over cook either.
The Beef I am freezing to eat on New Years Day as a treat – it is an from the Extra Special food range and is aged for 21 days, the bone-in horseradish Beef is a classic prime cut which has been expertly hand trimmed by master butchers and matured for extra tenderness, prepared with a warming horseradish cheese crust.
I have been advised it is best to lightly season with a high quality sea salt and black pepper, to allow the taste of the meat to shine through. 
The joint will feed 4-6 people and is priced at £19.80 per kg also available in store from 19th December.
Top tips from the Asda Butchers:
How to rest:
  • Depending on the size of the meat joint, give it between 15-20 to rest, as it allows it to continue cooking outside of the oven
  • Whilst your meat is resting loosely wrap in foil (so not to loose too much heat).  Use this time to make your gravy by adding flour, stock and a little fat to the roasting tin and stir over a low heat until you get a smooth gravy sauce
  • Get a large chopping board to rest and carve your meat on, preferably one with a well at one end so the juices can collect to avoid the messy meat bits getting all over the worktop
How to carve:
  • A long bladed carving knife and a BBQ style pitched fork is best to hold the meat steady whilst you cut in diagonal strides across the meat
  • Tougher cuts of meat should be carved in thinner slices to make it easier on the plate
  • Only carve as many pieces off the meat joint as you need for each person, then wrap the remaining chunk of meat up and pop it in the fridge to keep it moist, if you chop it all up the pieces will dry up really easily overnight.
What I would like to know is what do you enjoy with your Christmas dinner?
I will also be cooking Roast Potatoes, Pigs in Blankets, Stuffing, Brussels, Carrots, Peas for the kids, Sweet Potato Mash and I will probably cook Yorkshires too and of course gravy.
Have I missed anything off? 
Disclaimer: We were sent this hamper by Asda in exchange for a post, I was not told what to write and all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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