Are you ready for Back to School yet?

We are approaching
the end of August now and the Back to School rush is approaching fast, faster than I would like that’s for sure.

I’m very lucky and Emmy doesn’t go back until 12th September so the mad rush and panic can be avoided a little longer for me – however I’ve many friends who have children starting back the first week of September and I’ve seen lots of Facebook status’ this week about queuing for school shoes and buying last minute uniform items.

This is a little alien to me as Emmy was given her school uniform last year and we had reviewed her school shoes, which were sent in the post – I must admit it’s also a little daunting and worrying that I may have forgotten essentials.

As you know Emmy is my eldest, so she is the first I have going through main school.  She is about to start reception and I actually don’t know everything she may need.

Recently I came across an online guide from Voucher Codes Pro which has a very usual guide on the back school essentials which has actually helped me to realise I still need to buy a PE kit for Emmy.

Photo Credit: Vouhercodespro
 It also runs though a list of clothes and shoes and takes into account your budget so has a list of stores you can buy from if on a budget, mid-range and also has a top of the range selection too.

I have found this very useful as I personally made the mistake of buying a few extra T-shirts last year for Emmy in the supermarket (budget range) and I found they didn’t last – this year I will be trying some from the mid-range shop selection instead to see if they fair any better. 

 Are you ready for school to go back now?  Do you have everything the kids need?


One thought on “Are you ready for Back to School yet?

  1. My three have a jumper/cardi, polo shirt and trousers/pinafore for every day of the week and I wash everything on a Friday evening….works for me lol! Then they have two pe kits, trainers for outdoor pe, plimsolls for indoor pe, a pe bag, a bookbag and a named water bottle. My boys go back on the 2nd into y2 and y4 and Lottie starts reception on the 16th ?

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