Beating the January Blues with Blossoming Gifts

I can’t say that I have really experienced what they call the January Blues just yet, I have been too busy planning Emmy’s birthday party and shopping in the sales to dwell too much, although ask me again next week when I am knee deep in paper work finalising everything and checking it all twice before I hit send on the dreaded tax return – I promised myself last year I wouldn’t leave it to the last minute yet again but here I am, I will once again and it seems I won’t ever learn.
Joking aside, once the decorations are down the house begins to look rather bare and empty which is why Blossoming Gifts sent me a beautiful bouquet of  Rainbow Freesia‘s to help brighten the house up.
These arrived in a lovely flower box, well wrapped and with the stems securely wrapped in damp tissues to keep them moist.
The Freesias themselves were all closed upon arrival and once in the vase looked a little bare but given a few days to take in the water and sunlight they had opened and blossomed filling the vase beautifully.
The wonderful thing about this type of flower is that each stem contains many flowers so when they are all open your have almost triple the amount of flowers. 
Within this bouquet are three different coloured Freesias: Lilac, Pink and Yellow and look stunning together in a vase in the windowsill. My bouquet opened up within 2 days with all the flowers opened within 4 days, a week later they are all still perfect and showing no signs of wilting.
Priced at £29.99 for a standard sized bouquet these would brighten anyone’s day and certainly help with the January Blues.
If you would like to receive a discount on a floral delivery then please enter code: BGIFTS33 which will save you 33% on all flowers (excluding the small flowers by post range) – enter this code at checkout –

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