Some of the biggest broadway flops

Broadway is known for smash hits, but not every production that has premiered on the world’s most famous street for live theatre has been a success. From “Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Musical” to “Via Galactica,” some shows have fallen far short of expectations, and others failed to open at all. These are a few of the biggest busts on Broadway, and you can check out more information in this infographic.

“Into the Light” grossed a small sum but not enough to warrant a very long run on Broadway. The production opened in 1986 and was only performed six times. The premise of the performance was unique if a bit odd: A physicist devotes too much attention to investigating the Shroud of Turin — a cloth said to bear the image of Christ. Unfortunately, he neglects his son during his research. The son finds companionship by creating an imaginary dancing mime to be his friend. “Into the Light” walked away with a small earning, but other unique productions failed entirely.

“Via Galactica” is one example. This musical is set near the year 3,000 in a time when people are eager to escape an over-processed life on earth by moving to a new solar system. The play was very convoluted and incredibly expensive. It premiered in 1972 and cost almost $1 million to produce. “Via Galactica” was only performed seven times. These two examples prove that landing on Broadway is no guarantee of success. Read about these and other failed performances in the information provided below.


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