Bob Martin FleaClear Review

OK, I admit in advance this is not the most glamous of reviews I have written, however I am a practical person and when I was offered Bob Martin FleaClear I jumped at the chance.  You may think I’m mad but it’s the practical/everyday essential items which I like to try out.

Barney is not only a family pet, he is a member of the family, so his health and well being is as important to us as Emmy’s is.  Therefore he is wormed and de-flea’d regularly, and as with Emmy’s Nappies I want the quality but not the price tag. Flea treatment is really expensive and I usually buy Frontline from our vets which probably isn’t the cheapest place to buy but it’s convenient.  Bob Martin FleaClear works out far cheaper than my normal Flea treatments, infact about half of the price and uses the same ingredients as the expensive one!

FleaClear is applied to your pet in exactly the same way as every other Flea treament is and there are very clear instructions on how to use this on the box.  Infact this treatment is exactly the same as the leading brands except for the price.  In 8 weeks time when Barney needs re-treating I know I will be saving  lot of money as I will be buying this brand in future.

Here are five surprising facts about
1. You don’t need to go to
a vets or pharmacy to buy Flea Clear

2. It is available at all
major supermarkets and pet retailers

3. A single treatment costs
as little as £4.50

4. Fleas will stay away for
up to 5 weeks for cats and 8 weeks for dogs

5. If used regularly pets
can remain FleaClear all year

FleaClear can be purchased from local supermarkets and pet stores.

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I recieved this item for review however all thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.

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