Capture the colour – Emmys pictures

Following on from last years competition by Travel Supermarket to capture the colour – this being my entry, there is currently a new kids competition running where your child is in charge of the camera.  To help with this the first 100 people who emailed received a digital camera for their child to use and Emmy has been loving getting to grips with hers.

At first she enjoyed snapping close up shots of me make-up less (well lets face it – that certainly won’t be winning any prizes unless it’s in a Halloween competition), then she snapped herself and the dog for a while before realising she could take it out of the house and have fun snapping away.

Here are the best pictures depicting the colours she has taken herself using her new camera:

Kids capture the colour, red, welly planters
These are Emmy’s last pair of wellie boots which are now too small however she loves them so much we planted in them. 

Nick Jr, kids cature the colour
What more can I say – she loves the television a little too much

kids capture the colour
Part of my plastic flower decoration she loves to play with, she made Daddy hold it so she could take a picture of this


kids capture the colour, yellow
One of Emmy’s first photographs, rather out of focus.  This is her favourite teddy, she sleeps with him and he goes to school as her comforter


kids capture the colour, white
Taken when feeding the ducks, a little too late so we have a swan’s bum which Emmy finds very funny.

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but she had so much fun, which is what it is all about after all.  I have not centred, touched up or changed her photo’s as that would change them too much and to me they are perfect.

This is our entry into Travel Supermarkets Kids Capture the Colour competition
– you can find out about the competition here.

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