Chicken Pox strikes

Well I knew it was coming as the boy I look after had it 2 weeks ago – so I did what any Mother would do – well Mothers of old anyway (If your my age you must remember Chicken Pox parties!! Your whole class or young family members would come round to see you when you had the Pox in the hopes of all catching it together)  Well I did just that – although it was actually unavoidable as when I picked him up from School his back was covered in spots and we only discovered when getting him changed an hour later so Emmy had been playing with him – stealing his drink and generally having fun as she always does.

We waited and waited, warned my other family who have a lovely 2 year old and a 10 month old and waited some more.

This is the sight which greeted me on Monday morning

Now I was pretty sure it was the Pox but as there were only 8 on her back and 2 on her tummy I just had to wait it out to see if more appeared – they did that night and the next morning she had around 15 which spread throughout the day.  I obviously told work (the family who hadn’t had it and they were then on the look out and waiting).
For the first 2 days Emmy was fine with it, however from Wednesday she has suffered and won’t sleep – keeps saying OUCH and trying to pick at her scabs, I feel so sorry for her.  We are giving her Calpol & Nurofen as well as Piriton, bathing her with Bicarbonate of Soda in the bath water and putting camomile lotion on – but when Emmy is poorly she turns into a wild/devil child at bedtimes – refusing to sleep in her own room which I don’t mind, but refusing to sleep at all really and waking often.  Roll on next week when she starts to feel better as it’s horrid watching her in so much discomfort.
This is Emmy yesterday:
She is lucky it has been contained to mostly her back and tummy, with hardly any on her face, arms or legs.
And finally passed out in my bed tonight (giving into sleep at 9.50pm):
Yesterday we had confirmation that Eliza has also caught Chicken Pox (this is the 2 year old I look after) – We are very sorry for making you poorly Eliza and will come and play to make you feel better, Emmy sends a big kiss and cuddle – although that maybe what started it in the first place xx

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