Easter adventures on Nick Jr

Emmys Mummy - Dora's Easter Adventures

It’s now officially the Easter holidays and the fun begins over on Nick Jr. 

Starting yesterday (yes I know it’s a little late to tell you about it now – however Emmy was struck down with Chicken Pox this week and me with the worst morning sickness ever – resulting in tablets for me and a clingy unhappy Emmy).

Easter themed-episodes are the theme for pre-schooler favourites Dora the Explorer and Team Umizoomi and a brand new show called Tickety Toc.

Dora’s Easter Adventure airs on Friday 30th March at 4.30pm – you will find Dora and Boots waiting for their friend, the Hip-Hop Bunny, to bring his basket filled with eggs and treats for their big Egg Hunt!  But just as the Bunny arrives at the forest, Swiper swipes the basket and an adventure begins.

The Umi City Egg Hunt is coming too Nick Jr. in April – It’s the Umi City Egg Hunt and Milli, Geo & Bot are determined to help their friend April find the most special egg of all…..The Rainbow Egg!  But when the egg takes a tumble down a rabbit hole, it’s up to the tiny Team to jump in after it.

Tickety Toc – Launches Monday 23rd April at 815am
This is an exciting new show which we are lucky enough to have been able to have a sneek preview of (as well as the above programmes) and Emmy was rather taken with.

On the wall of an old clock shop hangs a very special clock.  Every hour, on the hour, it chimes and out pop our little heroes.  But what happens when they go back inside?  Tickety Toc is the gateway into a rapid-paced, dramatic and colourful CGI world full of eccentric characters and slapstick surprises.  It’s a fantastical and funny place inhabited by puppy-dog trains, hare-brained rabbits, cooking cows and weather obsessed chickens.  In the eye of this chaotic comedy storm are two heroes – the twins: Tommy and Tallulah.  Each action-packed adventure sees the twins save the day and keep the clock ticking.


Sky 615
Virgin 715
TalkTalk 318

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