Children’s Toy/Make-up Advent Calendars from Aldi

The countdown to Christmas is one of the most exciting things for children, starting on the 1st of December with the arrival of an advent calendar and in our household this comes with the arrival of Eddie our Elf who has been visiting every year for the past 4 years.

Of course, part of the attraction of advent calendars for the children is the chocolate they are able to eat for breakfast but that’s short lived and they’ve nothing to show for it seconds after the door has been opened.

This year they received advent calendars from Aldi a Trolls Make Up and Accessories one for Emmy and a Block Tech one for Harry.

We’ve opened these early so you can take a look for yourselves. These are both priced at £7.99 and contain a toy or a piece of make-u/an accessory every day for 24 days.

Trolls Make Up and Accessories Advent Calendar

This comes in a substantially sized box which contains 24 surprise gifts, easy to stand up alone or prop against a wall/shelf. The box is brightly coloured and featured a Christmas tree and all your favourite trolls characters on the front, while the back keeps you guessing as to the contents inside with pink present shapes covered with question marks.

Finding the numbers is almost half the fun too and as with all advent calendars they are jumbled up to keep children searching for longer.

Inside are a variety of gifts from nail varnishes, rings, lip gloss, bracelets, make up brushes, glitter and stencils.

With a different gift each day this is a perfect calendar for Emmy, and far better value than the over priced Zoella calendar which you’ll have seen for sale in boots, these Trolls calendars work out to around 33p per day for the items inside and they are certainly worth that money.

I would advise having an empty box or make-up bag to accompany this so that the items aren’t lost throughout the month – I’ve grabbed this cute unicorn one for Emmy ready to give to her at the same time as the calendar, and at £1.22 its a bargain.

Block Teck Advent Calendar

This is a ‘lego-type’ mini figure calendar, not the official versions you’ll know well but a cheaper but compatible version which also works out to around 33p per figure/toy – you’ll have to agree that is amazing value!

Inside this calendar you will find 23 mini figures which you need to build and a toy on day 24.

Each door reveals a different mini figure in a sealed bag with a head, hair or hat, shoulders, arms, body, a waist piece which you then attach the legs onto.

With lots of different figures to collect throughout the month I know Harry with have great fun building and playing with these.

As they are compatible with other leading brands you can use them on vehicles you may already have in your collections already. To make sure Harry doesn’t lose his figures before all doors are opened I have purchased some block tape which I will stick up on the shelf in his bedroom and means he can display his new figures at the same time.

Disclaimer: We were sent these items in exchange for a feature, all thought and opinions are our own.

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