Chocolate Orange Fudge in the slow cooker

This is what Emmy made for her teacher’s as Christmas gifts, they would also make lovely gifts for the neighbours.
It really is a simple recipe using only 2 ingredients!

1 tin condensed milk
2 chocolate oranges
Pour the condensed milk into the slow cooker and break up the chocolate oranges, place the chocolate segments into the slow cooker and turn onto low.
Leave the lid off and leave for around an hour (ours took 1 hour 10 minutes) – stir every 10 minutes to avoid lumps forming.
The chocolate will all melt and eventually it will turn into the thick consistency of fudge.
It was that simple – Emmy was able to do this all herself (the stirring was supervised as the slow cooker gets hot)
While this is cooking line a dish ready for your fudge to be poured into (this will then go into the fridge).  We used a few of the takeaway containers which you can get from the Chinese – I actually bought these in Tesco in a pack of 3 and they come with lids too.
Pour the fudge into the lined tray (we added some grated chocolate – you could reserve some chocolate orange to grate on), allow to cool then put into the fridge.
Ours set hard after 3 hours.
Cut and serve or bag up.  I had ordered some present bags but they hadn’t arrived in time so I cut up the fudge, lined the trays with tissue paper and put bag in.
I then put the lids on white side up and made into Snowmen for the teachers gifts.
Simple and very effective.
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20 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Fudge in the slow cooker

  1. Oh my goodness! This sounds amazing! I've never thought of trying this in the slow cooker. Saving this one to try later xx

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