Mince Pie Recipe from Mum in the Madhouse

I love baking with the children and with Christmas plans well underway I have begun planning our treats we leave out on Christmas Eve for Santa.
Last year I made Santa plate for the children and we like to leave him a snack, a carrot for the reindeer as well as a drink.
I was recently asking friends for recipes for making our own snacks as usually I buy Mince Pies from the supermarket and the lovely Jen from Mum in the Madhouse very kindly shared her family recipe with us – I will definitely be making our own this year.
Here I am passing you over to Jen who will share this recipe with you all:  Do pop over to Jen’s award winning craft blog as she shares wonderful craft activities, recipes & free print-outs and I can highly recommend having a look at her 50 acts of kindness for Advent.

You’ll also find Mum in the Mad House over on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.



  • 120g of butter
  • 120g of Trex (or other shortening or lard)
  • pinch of salt
  • 400g self raising flour
  • ice cold water (as needed)


out 400g of flour in a large bowl, then dice in to it your fats.
 Make sure they are very cold and are diced pretty small, by
doing this you keep handling to a minimum, as
warm hands melt the fat rather than rub it into
the flour.  


– by adding the fats to the flour you can use it to keep the fats
from sticking together.

If you
have a food blender, now is the time to get it out and add your crumb
mix to it and pulse with a cutting blade in it.

If not
then with cold hands rub the fats in to the flour, until it resembles
a breadcrumb mixture.  

– by shaking the bowl all the large pieces of butter and
Trex will come to the top making it easier to rub in.

Once everything
is rubbed in, then place in a bag and pop in the freezer and leave
until needed.


– the crumb mix can remain frozen for up to six months


you are ready to make the pastry, take out the amount you
need and add some ice cold water and mix until it forms a dough (you
will need less than you think, as the fats warm up and start to bring
the pastry together).

Mum in the Mad House, Mince Pie recipe, Emmy's Mummy

for the mince meat.  I rate M&S luxury Mincemeat
and just add Cranberries, Cinnamon and Spiced Rum.  It
is Christmas in a jar!

out your pastry as thin as you can and using a circular cutter, cut
them out to make the base of the pies.  If you are worried about
them sticking then use cake release on the trays or grease them
with butter.

Homemade mince pie recipe, easy to make mince pies

Put a
teaspoon of mince meat in to each pie case (you do not want them to
bubble over as it makes them stick to the tray).I pop
star shapes on the top of mine, but have used both trees and hearts
in the past, just cut the pastry out so it sits on top of the mince

Mum in the mad house mince pie recipe, recipe, homemade mince pie recipe

Gently brush the top of the pies with egg wash and place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.

Once cooked take out and remove from the tray straight away (I use a butter knife) and allow to coolThese mince pies freeze very well and will reheat from frozen too

Do you make your own Christmas treats? If so what are your favourites?

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