Getting ready for the Right Carpet Challenge with Carpetright

Earlier this year I was asked by Carpetright if I would be interested in working together on a room make-over challenge, this would involve visiting one of their new look concept stores and discussing which room I would like to change the look of and discussing the flooring options with their fully trained staff to help me choose the ‘Right Carpet’ for that room.
On discussing options with Paul, we decided that our hall, stairs and landing would be the area which could most benefit from being upgraded and made-over.
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Our Hall, Stairs and Landing currently
We moved into this house around 12 years ago now and although we started to put our own stamp on it, the kids arrived and plans stopped.  There are rooms in this house which have had a whole over haul such as the kids bedrooms – Emmy’s Nursery room which later changed into her big girls room and more recently Harry’s pirate bedroom. The front room has been painted and had a new wooden floor laid before the kids arrived and the kitchen has been painted however other rooms haven’t been touched yet.
The hall did have a lick of paint when we moved in, infact it was done within the first week.  Our house belonged to Paul’s parents originally, we took over the mortgage when their buyers fell through and they were in danger of losing their dream house.  In what we call a moment of madness they decided that bright green walls would be a wonderful idea in the hall, up the stairs and along the landing.  I actually remember Paul’s reaction to seeing it for the first time – awaking from a heavy night to the paint drying, opening his bedroom door and closing almost immediately, repeating a few times before uttering incoherent words, or at least unrepeatable ones!  We painted over in a base coat of white as a temporary measure only we didn’t get any further than that.
One weekend Emmy and I hopped onto a train an visited Carpetright in Clapham to talk through our needs.
The Clapham store is the first new concept store to open.  So what actually makes it different? Well not only is it laid out in an easy to navigate way but they will also offer a host of inspirational and experimental feature elements, dedicated to making your floor-buying experience exciting and hassle free. 
With all the carpets on display it can be hard to imagine them in your own home so they have tried to combat this by setting up mini areas to look like certain rooms within your home.
Since moving into this house we haven’t changed any of the carpets however I remember carpet shopping with my parents, the stores had huge rolls of carpets on display – often floor to ceiling with rolls on top of each other on rolls, the stores felt dark and confusing – now that may have been as I was young however it was hard to see all that was on offer.
Visiting this Carpetright was a different experience entirely, the whole store was open planned with smaller samples on display, the carpets were either displayed upon the walls or on stands with small samples layered on top of each other dependent upon the carpet type, with all the different colours together.
Talking through with the store manager about the area we wanted to carpet we discussed how exactly those areas were used daily.  How much traffic went through the areas and about our family lifestyle.  Once we discovered how we used the areas it was easier to choose a flooring type to suit us perfectly.
We have a large Border Collie – Barney, he goes out for at least two walks a day and these are generally in the fields surrounding our house, rain or shine he has those walks and while we do try to dry him off in the porch area it isn’t always possible to keep the mud, dirt and damp away from the hall.  Team this with the children riding their bikes and scooters to school in all weathers and these living either in the porch or the hall it is a very high traffic area which I struggle to keep clean, be that dogs hairs, mud, dirt or water from the wheels/feet of children, animals or bikes etc.
Upon discussing this we decided together that it would be a good idea to remove the carpet entirely from this area and have something which was easy to clean and wipe down without having to get the hoover out twice daily. 
We decided upon LVT for this area (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), we did discussed the option of having coir matting in the porch so the majority of the dirt could be removed before entering the hall however soon reconsidered when we realised there would be a stop type drop between the porch and the hall – with kids this really wasn’t the best idea so we scrapped it entirely.
For the stairs and landing I was keen to have something different to what was already down, something which could help to hide the dogs hairs while brightening up the area.  I was very drawn to stripes while in store, not something we have in the house currently.  With many to choose from it was a tricky choice however with the help of the purpose built stairs in store we were able to lay the sample carpets down together with the LVT samples to get an idea of what the finished look may be like – I was completely won over.
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After finally deciding our options we had a home visit where the area was professionally measured up to ensure their measurements were spot on – It’s certainly not my forte to measure such large areas, I had left this job to Paul but it is always best with big jobs like this to double check as you certainly don’t want to order a carpet which is either too big or even worse too small.
After this our flooring went on order and I am very excited to have a fitting date of 6th November – I can not wait to see this make-over project myself and to also share with you all – we have a few other surprises in store which will completely transform these areas and finally put our own stamp on it.

Disclaimer: I am working together with Carpetright to partake in this room transformation project.



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