Clarks – Lovely warm Gortex Boots

At the beginning of the month Clarks released their AW11 range of shoes, just to remind you here is the preview of Clarks new range I resently told you about.

I have always chosen Clarks shoes for Emmy as Children’s small feet need properly looking after.  If you are still to get your child’s feet measured for the first time I highly recommend Clarks – our 1st experience taking Emmy was made really special – not only do they first access which type of shoes are needed (crawlers, cruisers or walkers) the child is then measured properly, you can pick the syles you like and they are then tried out – some styles fit a foot better than others – so chose a few and do go with what fits best over the style (although their are always lots to choose from!) On that first time we were also given a picture of Emmy in her 1st ever shoes as well as some leaflets on children’s feet and a height chart which we are still using.

The picture does show the shoes we chose however it is a little dark – still a lovely keepsake of a special day.  I will admit I cried when we got her first shoes, my baby was growing up.
Clarks kindly sent me a voucher so we could get Emmy a new pair of shoes from the AW11 range to put through their paces – I had already picked out the ones I loved online but once actually in the shop I let Emmy chose as she is the one who will be wearing them…What can I say the girl has good taste as she picked out the ones I had my eye on!
(Zannia GTX Fst – Brown Leather)
This is what we both chose.  Emmy was re-measured, something which should be done often with children’s feet (around every 6 weeks) and once again her feet had grown, she was measured as a size 6G.  The number is the shoe size and the letter the foot width.  We chose a few pairs to try on and these fitted beautifully.  The shop assistant checked Emmy’s toes and ran her fingers around the back of the shoe to check they fitted properly, Emmy then wouldn’t take them off so we knew she liked them.
The boots we chose (Zannia ) are made of Gortex which make them not only warm to wear but waterproof too – great for a little girlie who loves to jump in muddy puddles! and with the winter now here and the amount of rain we are bound to get this can only be a good thing.
The boots are a lovely dark chocolate colour with a faux fur trim and a lovely brown embroidered flower detailing around the sides and are finished with a faux bow detail on the front.
I brought a treatment spray for these boots to help protect the finish – this isn’t necessary but with the amount of puddle jumping Emmy does I thought it was a good idea.
Emmy has worn these boots for over 2 weeks now and loves them, I often find her in her sleepsuit with her boots on – and she screams the place down some evenings when I won’t let her go to bed in them!
A you can see these are a huge hit with Emmy!!  My only critisim if I had to find anything would be the price, at £50 they are quite expensive and I do wonder if that would put people off of buying these, however Emmy is doing her best to get the money’s worth out of them and bearly takes them off!
They look fab with leggings and a jumper, also fit under jeans and worked well with the above paty dress and tights combo.  When did my daughter get better dress sense than me??
These are actually the 2nd pair of boots as there was a slight fault with the 1st pair – only cosmetic but the bow had come off, Clarks very fantastic and changed them straight away for us, their customer servive is great and I highly recommend them.
Now that’s Emmy sorted for Boots this winter I guess I had better think about me now….I wonder if these come in my size?
To see the full AW11 range visit

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