So many toys & Christmas still to come!

Does this sound like your house?  It definately applies to mine!

Even as a small baby Emmy had lots of toys, don’t get me wrong i’m not made of money that’s for sure but she is a much wanted and loved little girl – if you read my miscarriage post you will understand just how wanted she was/is.

Not all her toys are new, we have been given loads – the children of the families I have Nannied for and babysit for in the past have donated lots of their old baby/toddler toys to Emmy, and whenever we visit they always manage to dig out a ‘new’ toy for her, she loves it and so do I.  There is also Daddy who buys her toys often and i’m extremely guilty of that myself – then of  course there are the Grandparents who’s job it is to spoil little princesses!! So obviously it goes without saying my house looks like a toy shop.

I am lucky as I have a large ‘L’ shaped front room which was originally 2 rooms so to combat the toys being everywhere I have created Emmy her own ‘home corner’ which is a great way of displaying her toys while still looking tidy.

This is how it started:

Slowly but surely it has grown with more and more toys but I do change around her toys often giving her ‘new’ ones to discover and play with and rotating between toy boxes not on display.  She still loves her ‘home corner’ and plays in it every single day.

This was taken today:


 (Emmy is standing at our stone coffee table – it is very heavy and solid so I have covered it with floor tiles which work so well as a guard on the table – many times she has run into it but not yet hurt herself!)

As you can see it has spread slightly (well lots) but she still loves it as much as when I first set up her own corner for her toys.  Even though Christmas is on its way I am sure we will find room for the extra gifts coming her way – luckily I have ordered some Trunki Storage boxes to keep the extras in.

This is not a sponsered post however I thought I would share with you the fantastic deal I got on the Trunki storage boxes – great for hiding away our extra presents –

5 thoughts on “So many toys & Christmas still to come!

  1. What a pretty room! And yes – we have as many toys too. I want to start clearing them all out – but don't know what to do with them! What should I keep for the next one? What should I give away? WHERE will I store everything? Confusing.

  2. I love all the toys but just looking at them is making me twitchy! I dread how many toys my two will get this year. My son had a one toy rule last year and we asked everyone to only buy one thing as he has so many toys. It didn't work, he still got huggins of stuff and this year I have two children so twice the amount of toys – my house may just burst!!

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