Cornish beach life – the perfect way to spend a holiday

Poldhu Cove, Cornish Beach

We’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Cornwall.  Staying with Paul’s Aunt in a little village called Mullion. The lovely thing about this tiny village is that everyone knows each other and the whole village is easily accessible by foot. It is also close to some beautiful beaches, and other fun attractions.  However given the choice Emmy and Harry would spend all day and everyday at the beach. Nothing beats a sandy Cornish beach.

During our stay we helped Diane with the McMillan coffee morning in the town hall, meeting her friends, helping with the raffle and then tidying up after. We ate in the local chippy, visited the park and wandered the town.

We visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Flambards – a local theme park, Pendennis Castle, the harbour and of course the beach many times.

While the kids loved the attractions nothing beats the freedom of the beach, something Cornwall certainly doesn’t lack, and of course it’s free too.

We popped down to the local little beach – Poldhu Cove on our first evening after dinner. After 6 hours journey it was needed.

Poldhu Cove, Cornish Beach
Poldhu Cove

Still light and not that chilly yet we took the kids paddling in the sea.  Getting wetter than planned with Harry’s shorts soaked through and mine rather wet. It was fun though.

Paddling and making sand castles kept the children very occupied that evening.

The following evening we headed down again in the evening with kindling, marshmallows, fleeces, chips and buckets. The kids built castles while Paul built a fire to toast marshmallows on. We ate our chips on the beach trying hard to avoid getting then sandy.

Toasting marshmallows, cornish beach

There was no paddling that evening as it was too cold but the children were having so much fun they didn’t care.

Cornish Beach

There was also another afternoon spent on the beach with wetsuits, swimming costumes, paddle boards and a picnic.

It was the first time the kids had tried paddle boards so we didn’t attempt the sea as it was very choppy and full of surfers. There was a large tide pool left on the beach though which they played happily in. Far better than being in the sea as they had the freedom to explore alone and play in it while we watched. I would never let them in the sea alone so it gave us a break and time to relax a little too.

Paddle boards on the cornish beach
First try with the paddle board

They collected stones, built sand castles and climbed on rocks and explored a cave.

Of all the things we did on holiday beach fun was the best. We could happily spend all day without getting bored and go back every single day.

Do you have a favourite beach you like to visit?



23 thoughts on “Cornish beach life – the perfect way to spend a holiday

  1. Looks like you had an ace holiday. I have visited Mullion when I was a kid. We always holiday in Cornwall for two weeks over the summer!

    I think we need to go with the kids, but the travelling puts me off!

  2. What a great summer hols. It’s been far too long since I have visited Cornwall, I last went to Perranporth in the middle of winter, it was gorgeous! Just brought my children back to the UK recently and took them to their first English beach – they loved it! 😀

  3. The beaches in Cornwall are indeed amazing. I love your photos – why would you want to go anywhere on holiday eh!? It is definitely worth the long journey to get there. xx

  4. Oh I absolutely love Cornwall. My Grandad and some other family like right down at the tip near to Penzance and its my favourite place to go. You really can’t beat the beaches. That first photo of the evening is amazing. x #MagicMoments

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