Cravendale Epic Straws

We go through a lot of milk in this house – well I thought we drank a lot until I received 2 packs of Epic Straws from Cravendale, now we seem to be going through even more (I didn’t think that was even possible but it).

The straws are a lot of fun and Emmy and Daddy have been enjoying building with them. First they followed the instructions…


Epic Straws, Cravendale Straws, the bottle burgler, fun straw creations,
“Shhhh don’t tell Mummy!”
Then the instructions were thrown away and I left them to play…..
Double fun
Long and Bendy
(The Mess maker – not a favourite of Mummy’s as we ended up with lots of milk on the floor, the splat at the end of the video is milk pouring to the floor – although the dog did enjoy it!)
Mummy still isn’t sure about this whole drinking from the bottle thing and there has been a lot of “Shhhh don’t tell Mummy going on in the kitchen”.
You can find out more about Cravendale’s Epic Straws from from 24th September 2012.
For the purpose of this post we received 2 packs of Epic Straws and some Cravendale vouchers (we have gone through 4 pints in 2 days!!)

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