Designing our own blind for Harry’s room with Web-blinds

Harry’s room is decked out in a pirate theme – this theme was chosen by me when I was pregnant with him, I wanted to avoid the whole nursery theme which I had with Emmy (Teddy Bears).  My hopes were that redecorating it again in a few years could be avoided and thus save some money.

I’ve shared with you his Nursery design before which you can read about here
I love his pirate room as does he.

Pirate themed bedroom

I spent ages searching the internet for accessories for his room and even had a few specially made for him.  The ‘H’ plaque which is on his bedroom door was painted for me by a friend of mine Marti – Dinky Drew Designs and she also made the canvas boat picture for me, made using drift wood from Brighton beach.    The bookends came from Zulily, the rug was a present from a family I used to work for and the wall stickers were from eBay (those now need replacing as Harry has pulled them down).

The one thing we didn’t change in his room was the blind.  This was here when we bought the house – it was actually Paul’s younger brother’s room as we bought the house from them.  It was blue and matched the room.

A while ago Web-blinds got in touch asking if we would like to work together on something special.  Using family time to create our own personalised blind with a design of our choosing, this could be a special photograph, a landscape of our choice or even a picture of the children’s art work.  Our chosen picture would then be printed off onto a digital blind for us to treasure forever.  Web-blinds are the sister online company to Hilarys Blinds.
I started thinking, I knew I would like to use this opportunity to change Harry’s blind and to tie it into the whole Pirate theme….but how?

Do I get Emmy to draw a picture?  I decided against this as although her drawings are wonderful I’m not sure her pirates would be recognisable and then would Harry want a stick man drawing in his room for years to come? Probably not!
I then decided it would be a wonderful idea to turn an actual picture of Harry into a pirate.  I then search phone apps for one which could do this easily.  And soon found this one – Make me a Pirate.

We had great fun with this app – turning Harry and Emmy into pirates.

Make me a pirate,, pirate phone app

After choosing my favourite I then sent it across to a good friend Sarah who blogs over at This is me – Sarah mum of 3, Sarah was the one who turned my cartoon pictures of Emmy and Harry into the beautiful header for my blog.  I knew she would be able to work her magic again and what she came up with is AMAZING!

Sending my finished blind design across to the team at Web-blinds, their designers then added a border to my picture, it was cars and planes, I went back and asked if they could add something nautical instead to tie in with the theme.  They did!

A few weeks later and Harry’s blind arrived, wasting no time I raced up to his room and was delighted to see that the fixing for Harry’s old blind and the new one were identical – we have concrete walls so the thought of drilling new holes is always daunting.
Luckily his window is small so I was able to get the blind up alone in less than 10 minutes, and I am delighted with the result. 

It is a blackout blind so a vast improvement on his old thin blind and it finishes the room perfectly, It also hides the fact I need to buy new windows throughout the house.

It’s wonderful and I can highly recommend these types of blind for adding something different to a room.

Digital blind, pirate blind,

Digital blinds are a great way to display children’s art work or special pictures of treasured memories, I know I’ve a great picture from my Honeymoon I would love displayed in my bedroom and on a blind would be amazing.  You can find out more about digital blinds from

If you could display any picture on a blind what would it be?


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