Digging out my trainers for #RFL

I am no runner!

I can barely jog and I have to stop often when I do try.

I’ve boobs which give me a back ache walking let alone running and I own NO running gear except for trainers.

BUT this is happening:

I’ve signed up to run my local Race for Life.
I know I can walk it, crawl it if I wanted or just jog but I feel I need to set myself a challenge,  after jumping out of a plane last year to do things half heartedly wouldn’t seem right to me.

So with a set date now – Wednesday 15th July 2015 – I’m all booked and almost ready to go – just the matter of a little training is I am going to be able to run. 

I need to now get myself moving and ready to run 5k.

I’m doing this because CANCER IS A F***ING BITCH!!!

I’m sorry I don’t generally swear and I don’t think I ever have done on this blog but it’s true, it’s a horrible horrible thing and my wonderful, caring and amazing Mother-in-Law is living this nightmare right now.

She is truly wonderful, she takes all it throws at her, all its taken from her and all its putting her through and she still smiles, still tries to put others before herself as she always has done.

I will be running this race in her name as well as lots of others I know who are currently suffering and have suffered.

Let’s raise as much as we can for Cancer Research – You can sponsor me via my Just Giving page here.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

There are so many ways you can support CRUK – you could sign up and race yourself, sponsor a runner or you can buy merchandise to help support and raise money.  I’ve a T-Shirt for myself and a trainers helpers top for Emmy as well as a pendant – there are so many other things too.  I actually can’t wait to see Emmy in her top.

If you would like to join your local Race For Life then you can use this readers discount code RFLEmmyss which will give £2 off entry for the first 20 users.  Do let me know if you will be running and should anyone local to me want to join me I’m taking part in the Epping 5k run on 15th July at 7pm.

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17 thoughts on “Digging out my trainers for #RFL

  1. Well done on signing up for such a great cause. I wish you all the very best with your training and the race itself x

  2. Well done you for signing up! I would love to run again but my back doesn't permit 🙁 Hope your race goes well and you raise lots. x

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