Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game #Review

Emmy was sent this Disney princess game to play with recently from Esdevium Games
Inside the box you will find:
4 tiaras
4 bracelets
4 rings
1 large red gem stone
200 Disney princess cards

Disney Dazzling Princess Game


The idea of the game is to pick a card and guess which princess is on that card by looking at the picture clues.
Emmy knows most of her Disney characters but not all so couldn’t really guess from the clues.
You can then check to seen if your answer is correct by turning the card over and looking through the red gem stone.
I personally found this really hard to see with and without my glasses on so Emmy found it virtually impossible.
I think the cards need to be bigger really for younger children to see them.
If you get the answer correct you add a gem stone to your jewellery, the number of gems you collect is stated on that card.  The winner is the one to fill their tiara, bracelet and ring with gems.

If you draw the ‘Secret Princess card’ you use the red gem to see who the princess is, then you need pretend to be that princess so all the other players can guess who it is.  You can talk about where she lives and her friends, sing her song or dance around being this princess – anything but say her name.  If the other players guess who it is they take the gems.  Emmy couldn’t do this at all. 

Emmy got bored with this very quickly as she couldn’t see the princesses and couldn’t guess from the clues who they were. I would say this would be better for older children however she does love designing her own jewellery to wear instead.

This game is suitable for ages 4+ and priced at £19.99

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