Easter fun with Poundland

As a Poundland Ambassador I was recently sent £25 worth of vouchers to go Easter shopping with the kids, as you can imagine we can out armed with bags of Easter items and were ready to play around.
Well after shopping all morning we were all hungry so I quickly threw together a Bento style lunch for the kids while I unpacked.
The eggs come in packs of 8 in 4 different colours and the chicks come in packs of 12.  The kids loved their different lunch and have asked for this over and over since.  It’s a fun way of getting the kids to enjoy meals and perhaps would get them to try different foods.
We then started crafting.
First up we made Easter egg maracas:
To make these you need:
Plastic Easter eggs
Rice, beans, dry pasta (anything to add into the egg)
Plastic spoons
Add your dry ingredient into the plastic egg, enough to make a nice shaker sound.
Position 2 plastic spoons either side of the egg and cellotape in place.  Tape the bottom ends together.
Add a decorative bow (optional) and decorate your egg with stickers. 
These are so simple to make and the kids have been shaking them ever since.
Decorative Easter Tree:
We bought a white tree a while back from Hobby craft and planned to decorate it seasonally.  Using items from our Poundland haul and a glue gun I already had we made this Easter tree. 
I added ribbon to the plastic eggs using my glue gun and then Emmy filled them with Easter chicks and Easter Eggs and hung them from the tree.  It took minutes to do but looks great.


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