How to make paper daffodils

Mother’s day has been and gone and how many of us received flowers, only for them to last a week and be thrown away. 

Here is a quick and easy way to make paper daffodils for Easter which will last.

I promise they are really easy to make, I did these with my 4 year old Emmy and it only took around 20 minutes and very little prep.
You will need:
Yellow card or paper
Orange paper
Green paper (or green straws)
Take an A4 piece of green paper and cut in half.  Roll this up into a tight tube (or use a green straw!) and cellotape into place.  This is the stem of your daffodils.
Next take a yellow piece of A4 paper, fold in half, then in half again and then a final time (3 times in total).  Then draw petal shapes onto the paper – make sure the bottom of the petal is drawn over the folds at the bottom of the paper.
Cut these out and unfold, you will be left with few double petals.  Take 3 of these and arrange over each other into flower shape and stick them together.
Now you need to cut a small circle shape from the orange paper – I made rough circle shapes by cutting a square and rounding the edges.  Add glue to the middle of this circle and glue to the centre of your yellow petals – to make the shape.

I found it easiest to put your finger into the centre of the orange circle and pull the edges up around my it to form the cup shapes.

Lastly cellotape the stems onto the flowers.  You can them place these into a vase, cup or even a decorated toilet roll vase – the choice is up to you.  These will last and they can be enjoyed all year round.
Who will you make yours for?

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