Elf Escapades – My Planning

This week I introduced the kids to their Elf book and we started to fill in together.

Emmy has decided that Eddie is 10 years old and likes milk & cookies for breakfast – that’s her breakfast of choice of she has her own way. 
He likes Acorns and Honey for lunch and his favourite dinner is a Gingerbread house.
She has decided that he likes:  Skipping in the snow, painting red and white stripes, wrapping Christmas presents and hugging new best friends.
My lovely and very clever friend Jada – Unique Young Mum made this letter for the kids which I’ve popped in the post and is set to arrive in the morning… Of course not trusting Royal Mail to be on time, I’ve stashed near the front door with a magic stamp on and it can arrive with the other mail.
And lastly our door will appear during the day on Sunday ready for Eddie’s arrival on Monday where he will bring a few treats for a special breakfast. 
Elf Escapades
Elf Escapades

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