My Weeks Worth of Softer Moments

Following on from this weeks post celebrating the #LittleThings I am now sharing with you my weeks worth of softer moments.

Softer moments are those which make me melt a little, bring about that warm and fuzzy glow and just bring on an extra smile.

I snap pictures on my phone throughout the day most days – it’s not only a blogger thing but a Mum thing too, I capture the happy, sad, funny and naughty moments during my day to help keep the memories.

An adorable personalised bag arrived for me this week for review – The company Toxic Fox asked for basic details such as my hair colour, eye colour and my dress style then set to work creating their magic and I love it.  They even seemed to know I’m partial to a glass of wine.
A rainy walk to the shops made SO much more fun with 2 umbrellas and jumping in puddles.  These two LOVE the rain so it’s impossible not to smile and laugh with them.
We were making cakes, only Emmy had other ideas.  She is off School with a sprained ankle feeling sorry for herself – this made us both giggle.

Harry got in on the baking action – well he actually had the same idea as Emmy.

Emmy was poorly, very poorly – she was being sick and kept crying.  Harry wanted to help look after her so he found a bottle in the kitchen cupboard and asked me for milk in it, he then gave her his dummy.  She is far too old for both of those BUT it was incredibly cute.

 Finally I have almost finished our family photo wall, just one more to finish and I am so pleased with it.  This is in my landing upstairs and it makes me smile every time I walk past it.

This is my entry into the Mission Deli Wraps “Our Super Soft Mission” challenge.


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2 thoughts on “My Weeks Worth of Softer Moments

  1. I am loving that photo wall – what a brilliant idea! So funny that little Harry would offer a bottle to his sister. Shows he has a lovely caring side to his nature 🙂

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