Elmo comes to London

You will remember how upset I was to have to cancel our scheduled ‘lunch date’ with the one and only Elmo last Friday.  I was actually very excited when I got the email inviting me and 4 other Bloggers to a secret location to meet and greet a character I had been brought up loving.  Sesame Street was always one of my favourite TV shows when I was growing up (many years ago) and Emmy has been watching ‘Elmo’s World’ on Milkshake nearly every morning.

Children seem to have the best timing with being ill but she was very poorly so there was no way I could even leave the house let alone travel to London.  I did however email my questions over so they could still answered for me, so here they are:

Who is your best friend?
Elmo’s best friend is Elmo’s pet goldfish, Dorothy. As they say, Goldfish are monster’s best friend.
What is your favourite colour?
Elmo’s favourite colour is Red. Can you guess why?
Have you enjoyed your trip to London?
Elmo has been to London before, but Elmo would have to say, it keeps getting better and better every time. Elmo really enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people and seeing the beautiful sights of London. Elmo hopes to come back for the Olympics in 2012.
What is your favourite food?
Elmo’s favorite food is wasabi. That’s why Elmo has no eyelids. Elmo has learned that wasabi is a sometimes food.

Hopefully if Elmo does return to London for the Olympics then we may be able to meet him then, only time will tell. Elmo does seem to have enjoyed his visit to London.

I have something rather exciting to share with you, something which looks rather great and I will be adding to Emmy’s wish list (or is that Emmy’s Mummy’s wish list?).
A brand NEW Sesame Street toy, Let’s Rock Elmo which will launch in stores from tomorrow!! September 15th.
You will be able to Rock out with the new Let’s Rock Elmo, who is dressed in his own concert style t-shirt ready to take to the stage singing and making music – and you can too. Well it’s aimed at Preschoolers however when I first get this home there will be no doubt that I will be trying it out myself.
Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments – a tambourine and a drum set.  Your child can choose which Elmo plays, and he magically recognises which one you choose to give him, you can even play these instruments yourself (whoops – I mean your child can).
The fun doesn’t stop there as Elmo can also interact with other Let’s Rock instruments which will be available to buy seperately.  He knows when you’re playing the Guitar, Keyboard or microphone and will play along with you!  He also sings rockin’ songs so between you and Elmo you can form a band!
The Sesame Street range is available to buy from all good retailers

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