Is QuinnyCasting getting closer?

A few months after being chosen as a QuinnyCaster (the thing that led to the birth of this blog) Quinny have started to tease us over on their Facebook page.  We did recieve an email at the beginning of this month thanking us for our patience and letting us know that a Brand New Quinny product would be launching very soon.  We were asked to keep an eye on their Facebook site closely….

Well Quinny sure have been teasing all of their lovely fans this week, I for one am hoping that tomorrow we may have a glimse of this new product??  Quinny please let this be our new buggy – I already love the look of it and seriously can’t wait to test drive our new buggy hopefully soon.

This is what Quinny have been up to this week!

We will be watching tomorrow hoping all may be revealed!
N.B – I am  NOT saying this is the new Caster Buggy – i’m just hoping and i’m impatiently excited!!

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