Emmy’s first day at pre-school

Yesterday was a big day for everyone, my first full day at work since the Children’s mum had gone back to work and Emmy’s first day at Pre-School.

Eliza (the lovely girl I look after) has been at Pre-school for a while now, she is a few months older than Emmy and she loves it.  So when I was due to start all day on a Monday we agreed Emmy would love pre-school too and it would be great for her if both girls went to school together – Emmy is more than ready and I would get some one-on-one time with the youngest girl at work, so it would be the best of both worlds.

Emmy had been very excited all week leading up to her first day, telling Nanny, Grandad, Uncle Bobby and anyone who would listen she was going to school with her best friend Eliza.

How cute do they look all set and ready to go? They actually held hands all the way to the car and both practically ran into the school.
When we got inside Eliza ran straight to the activity she wanted to play with while Emmy was a little more reserved, she wasn’t hanging off me like I expected her to be but hung back waiting to see where I was.  I went over to play with the cars with her for a while before saying “Mummy has to go and put Amy to bed”, she wasn’t too sure of this so I steered her over towards one of the Nursery Nurses and where Eliza was, kissed her and said “see you soon” and quickly left.
I didn’t look to see if she was upset, not that I’m a mean Mummy but she is always fine and having worked in Day Nurseries and Nurseries before I know it is the easiest way and if there was to be a problem I would have been called.
There was no call.  Amy and I had a lovely morning together after her nap we attended a Stay and Play session at the Toy Library, chose some new toys before collecting the big girls and all having lunch together.
Emmy enjoyed herself, I got their early just incase there was a problem as I had been instructed but she was fine.  She was sitting on the Teachers lap having cuddles and I got the biggest hug ever when she saw me. 
She had cried a few times during the 3 hours however mainly as another child stole her dodo (dummy) bit quick cuddles each time resolved this and I know she had fun as she keep talking about going to school with Eliza.  She will go to this Pre-School once a week until the end of term and then in September she will do two mornings in a Pre-School local to us as I will have finished working by then.  Infact Paul and I are off to a parent’s open evening at that school tomorrow evening.
Where did my baby go?
This is what 3 hours of Pre-School did to Emmy!  She slept for 2 hours and 15 minutes, choosing to lay on the sofa and even staying asleep once the other 2 girls were awake and playing on the floor next to her.

4 thoughts on “Emmy’s first day at pre-school

  1. Thank you. It was a relief. I'm sure there will be tears again next week, however I know she loved it so I'm nit too worried.

    I'm still working out how to stop time though!

    Emma, I'm sure he will be ok, it must be strange if he doesn't speak Greek yet.

  2. So glad she enjoyed it, my son started this week too and I was really nervous for him (he's gone to a Greek speaking nursery as we live in Cyprus but he doesn't speak Greek yet!) It went ok ish but he's not 100% convinced yet!

  3. Aww gorgeous pictures! I know that feeling when you realise your baby is no longer a baby. I'm dreading when Ben starts pre-school already!

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