Family Fun: Crazy Golf

As you know we are Ambassadors for Paradise Wildlife Park and since receiving our passes we have actually visited nearly every weekend.  It is perfect for us as it’s less than 30 minutes from our house so rain or shine it has fast become our go to when we have no plans.

The children love it here and I doubt they will tire of it an time soon.  If it’s raining we pop in for a coffee while the kids head into soft play and when it’s dry its just a case of wrapping up warmly and enjoying all there is on offer from the animals, outdoor play areas and of course the kids current favourite Crazy Golf.

Crazy Golf at Paradise Wildlife park costs £2 per round but is free to pass holders.

This weekend I once again took the kids for a spot of competitive family fun!

Having been a few times now they know the layouts and roughly where to hit the ball in order to reach the hole, which route is quickest and more importantly how to do so in the least shots….and boy do they get competitive now!

Thankfully there haven’t been any tantrums just yet but I refuse to get score cards as this could change it all.

As it is Crazy Golf inside a zoo there are animals to negotiate all the way around, this is very exciting for the children and of the 18 holes it is the ones with the animals they love the best.

This is currently the children’s favourite past time and I have to say us adults have been having great fun too.

Crazy golf
Zebra Crossing

As well as ensuring we all get a nice amount of fresh air and gentle exercise crazy golf is also helping the children in others ways they wouldn’t even imagine, including:

  • Gross Motor skills
  • Hand/Eye coordination
  • Taking turns
  • Spatial awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Patience

They don’t seem to tire of this game at all and will happily go around and around many times, depending on how busy it is of course.

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8 thoughts on “Family Fun: Crazy Golf

  1. Well done you on your ambassadorship – and it’s great that you’re all enjoying your time there.
    I LOVE this crazy golf course. It must be fun/surreal to be playing golf amongst the legs of girrafes and in between Pandas!

  2. We all enjoy a game of crazy golf too, it is one for all ages. I love all the animals here, it would be mine dream to create a Coombe Mill one like this, we have talked about it, so you never know. It looks like just one of a range of amazing attractions at the park, no wonder you enjoy returning.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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