Father’s Day

As it was Father’s Day we let Daddy have a lay-in (well actually we always let him lay-in but told him today was special lol).

Emmy has been keeping a secret since last Monday as on her first day at Pre-school she made Daddy a Father’s Day card and we hid it from him all week, she did try to tell him yesterday when she was drawing in it for him saying “Daddy I made you card, I do drawing in it” – we just had to giggle – that’s 2 year olds for you after all.

So this morning she presented Daddy with 2 cards, one she made at school and one from her, Barney (the dog) and baby bump, a cup of tea made by her (with help), some aftershave and bodywash, and a book called “I love my Daddy”.  We had also brought a very cheap kite for Daddy but Emmy insisted on giving it to him a few days ago.

He loved them all, and Emmy loved the book and has had it read to her about 6 times today.

We were lucky and it was quite windy so had a trip to the park to fly the kite, today wasn’t as successful as when we gave it to Daddy 2 days ago as then Emmy saw it as a new toy and wanted to fly it all the time – even though it wasn’t a windy day – it was actually really funny to watch as Paul had to run while carrying Emmy to keep the kite up.

They both love this new toy and at £2.99 was by far the best Father’s Day gift:

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5 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. awww how lovely looks like fun kite flying! Is the book the Why I Love My daddy with quotes and animal illustrations? I bought that one for my hubby from our little girl last year and it is gorgeous xxx

  2. £2.99 is amazing value! Looks like they were having a great time in the park there. I take it you were chief camera lady? Always hard to capture the kite at the right moment so well done on some lovely photos! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids

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