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I’ve been tagged by Rachel over at Confessions of a SAHM to do the Being Pregnant Meme created by Trinket of Treasure.  Rachel is someone I’m yet to meet however chat with often and almost met when we went to the same holiday farm in Cornwall, staying in the same cottage with her leaving on the day I arrived (it had been cleaned so I can’t tell you any tales, lol).

Rachel and I are very similar when it comes to pregnancy – she is on pregnancy number 6, baby number 4 and I am on pregnancy number 7 with baby number 2.  I will be answering these questions about this current pregnancy:

THE RULES: (as set by Trinket of Treasure)
  • As I am a very curious busy body, please answer the following questions in depth.YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ANY DETAILS OUT (only joking). But,please do write as much as you want, keeping in mind the joys of life are in the finer details. X
  • Invite three or more women and link them to your blog post. As I don’t know many mothers or pregnant women, I’d appreciate it if you could invite as many mothers/ expecting women you know to participate. But please remember you don’t have to be invited to take part. THE MORE THE MERRIER! x
  • Leave a comment about what you think of this meme and a link to your blog post HERE x
  • For lovelies that have been pregnant more than once, answer the question in regards to your first pregnancy. x

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were/are pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?

Disbelief, I had miscarried for the 5th time only 4 weeks previous and didn’t for one minute think I was pregnant again so soon.  After all of my other miscarriages I had taken months to fall pregnant again hence I had been sharing a bottle of wine on Valentines day with my Husband.  I was sick the following day after brushing my teeth – a sure sign of changes for me.

What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?

I don’t think I will be able to work again after having our baby boy who is due in October as I’m a Nanny and currently take my daughter with me.  This works well but I’m not sure there are many employers out there who want a Nanny who has 2 children to bring.  This may change when Emmy is at school however time will tell. 

What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?

Mmmm, that’s hard as I have been so sick this time around that I can’t say I’ve enjoyed much of it yet.  Now he is starting to move around a bit now and I can feel him I’m loving that and so is Emmy as when she lays on my lap I pretend her brother is kicking her to say Hello (I move my tummy and pretend) she laughs hysterically.

What did /do you dislike the most about being pregnant?

Sickness – this time around was much worse – I had it with Emmy but only once or twice a day until 16 weeks, this time around it was morning, noon and night round 15-20 times a day to start then after I started the anti-sickness tablets it went down to 6 times a day and now at 21 weeks it’s around once a day.  Roll on October.

 What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant?

I wish I could enjoy it as I love being pregnant but due to all the problems we have had previously I am always plagued with worry first 12 weeks I wish away then scare myself silly when it comes to our scan as my 3rd miscarriage was a missed miscarriage and we only found out when we discovered at our 12 week scan that our baby’s heart had stopped 3 weeks previous, 2 weeks after seeing it beating.

Once I pass 20 week I being to enjoy it, go with the flow and relax and have begun to again now as am reassured by the kicks I’m receiving.

Now I have shared my answers, I tag the following people to share with you:

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  1. It is true that during pregnancy behavior and taste of women is changed. If a women have no complication during pregnancy then she enjoy this period.

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