Fisher-Price® Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ BatBot Xtreme Review

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friend BatBot Xtreme Review

Super heroes are a firm favourite with both Emmy and Harry in this household, we can all often be found wearing masks and capes and crime fighting in the room. They happily take it in turns to play the good guy and bad guy, sometimes a little too violently for my liking but they have fun.

When the Fisher-Price® Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ BatBot Xtreme arrived recently Emmy was the first in line to try it out, because lets face it girls love super heroes just as much as boys do. We have never been a family to have girls and boys toys, Harry has his own dolls and a pushchair and Emmy love her action figures.

The Batbot Xtreme will be a hit for all Batman and super hero fans. Standing at over two-feet tall it has extendable wings, multiple projectile launchers, a hidden Batcycle in the foot area, a voice changer as well as punching fists.

Included with this toy are:

  • Batbot
  • Batcycle
  • Batman
  • 10 projectile missiles
  • 4 shooting discs

You need to add batteries to this toy – 3 AA’s which aren’t included, this makes the voice controller work.

To make the wings extend you need to turn the power pad on the right shoulder, this activates the battle mode – the wings come out and so do the fists which you can use to actually punch with by holding the handles. To close the wings you need to push them gently towards the body until they click into place.

By talking through the voice changer you change your voice for added play value and great sound effects, press down the button and talk into it but do so quickly as you only have around a minute of voice changing effects each time.

Turning the power pad on the left should reveals Batman’s hidden headquarters complete with a hidden lift. Batman sits perfectly onto the powerpads and can be used to turn them or you can do with your hands – using Batman gives that hidden secret element to the toys, revealing hidden secrets which you would expect to find in Batman’s lair.

Another powerpad on the foot will reveal the hidden Batcycle, when turned the cycle will launch out of the foot ready for action.

The missiles are launched by pressing buttons on the shoulders, be prepared to take cover as these actually fire quite far across the room.

Power discs are hidden in the fists which can also be launched as weapons to defend against enemies.

The kids have had great fun playing with this toy, and many fights have erupted over who’s turn it is to play with it and over being hit with the missiles, while the missiles are only small they are plastic so can hurt a little is they hit you in the face – thanks for that kids!

This retails for £83.99 and for that price I would have like to have batteries included and perhaps a few spare missiles for when these have been lost under the sofa or behind the toy chest yet again.

I do think it is a toy they will play with for some time and it can be used in conjunction with other Imaginext DC Super Friends figures and playsets. Harry has the Imaginext Batcave which we gave his for his birthday last year and the figures all work with this one, as do the Power Rangers figures from his Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord toy. The kids have been shooting their missiles at the Power Rangers and as the Power Rangers also has missiles they have been battling the two.

Disclaimer: We received this in exchange for this post. All thought and opinions are our own.


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