Disney on Ice presents Frozen Review

On Wednesday the children finished School for Christmas, It also happened to be my Birthday which gave the perfect cover for a big surprise for the kids. They thought we were heading out for dinner as a Birthday treat taking Emmy’s best friend with us. We were actually heading to The O2 for the opening night of Disney On Ice presents Frozen.

I picked the 3 children up from school, got them home and changed and into the car without any doubt from them that we were off for dinner. With Paul driving I was able to distract them with questions of Christmas activities in school, talk of Santa and general chatter of festivities planned for the next few days. Even pulling into The O2 car park they had no idea, and the only vague question came from Kayla who asked “Are we in London Clare? I’ve never come this far for dinner before”. I even managed to get over to the box office and pick up our tickets without them knowing.  The secret was then revealed!

Frozen On Ice Review

After dinner we headed inside, as excepted and remembered from last year there were queues to get into the arena but these were managed well and moved quickly. It is worth noting for those of you who’ve not been to The O2 before – you can’t take your own food or drinks into the arena and your bags are searched before entering and you have to walk through body scanners, this makes the queues a tad longer so do allow enough time as the show will start at the time on your ticket (I’d allow at least 30 minutes to get inside and into your seats).

Frozen On Ice Review:

The show starts with the Disney On Ice skaters warming up on the ice and then Mickey and Minnie Mouse coming out to greet their audience, soon followed by Goofy and then all the favourite couples from the Disney movies including Snow White & Prince Charming, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, Ariel & Eric and even Nemo & Dory, Timon & Pumbaa and others.

With an amazing mix of ice-skating and line dancing these characters wowed the audience before making way for Frozen to take to the ice in a spectacular show, which recreated the Disney favourite Frozen.

This show really did bring the movie to life in front of our eyes and recreated the magic which has gripped audiences since hitting our screens in 2013. Recreating this show on the ice is no easy feat but it was achieved brilliantly- as you would expect!

Frozen On Ice Review
Photo Credit: Disney On Ice

Of course parts of the movie have to be missed out as not all could be re-enacted on ice however the children barely noticed – they did say “Anna isn’t dancing around the great hall with the pictures or riding her bike in the halls” – but that just wouldn’t have been possible on ice.

All the key parts of the movie are included in this show from Anna knocking on Elsa’s door asking her to build a snowman, the coronation, the big freeze all the way to the ice palace, Olaf, Marshmallow, meeting the trolls to Anna saving Elsa and unfreezing her heart.

The audience was gripped with the amazing skating, breath-taking sets and all around children could be heard singing along to the songs and dancing in the aisles – I admit to singing along to all the songs too (sorry to those around me!).

As you would expect from Disney On Ice, the action wasn’t only contained to the ice-rink – screens above the stage in the middle played a part too with video screened there to show dancing trees, flags and much more – and of course I can’t not mention the snow falling down onto the rink during many parts of the show!

Emmy, Kayla and Harry were speechless throughout – they loved seeing their favourite characters in front of them with the girls idolising Anna and Elsa, while Harry was very taken with Olaf.

Frozen On Ice Review
The girls did not stop singing throughout the show

The set design was absolutely amazing and they managed to bring to life all the characters even including skating wolves for when they tried to attack Anna and Christoph and Marshmallow the giant snowman created by Elsa to scare off Anna, Christoph and Olaf was fantastically portrayed with a giant inflatable. I must admit that the dancing trolls were my favourite and the costumes brilliant.

Such a fantastic show The kids all loved it #Disneyonice

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If you are still looking for a Christmas treat with the kids I can highly recommend this show for all Frozen fans of ALL ages. The show is on at The O2 until the 30th December.  Tickets are available from www.disneyonice.com

Disclaimer: We received tickets in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own


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