Getting creative with Post-it full adhesive

Always up for a challenge I was asked what other uses I could find for Post-it full adhesive notes from 3M.
Why are these different to the original’s?

Easy instead of having a small strip which is adhesive,  the whole back of these are sticky meaning they stick better and to more surfaces.
So what can you possibly use these for?
Well of course there are the boring norms of:

Sticking to the fridge…..or you could do what I do and meal plan with them.
Or use as book marks?
Too boring?
Well, how about creating a road for toy cars?

Harry loved this.
Or brighten up the room by creating spring blossom trees.
I made these by scrunching the post-it notes gently together with the sticky side on the outside, I then used the sticky adhesive to stick them to my white tree which I recently bought from Hobbycraft.
Or if you want something simpler how about this sneaky ploy for a cuppa?
This is the only view Paul usually gets of me in the evenings…PJ’s on with my laptop on the sofa.

I left this note there while I worked away – yet I’m still awaiting my cuppa sadly!
What would you do with the full adhesive Post-it notes?

If you head over to the Post-it UK Facebook page and hit the like button you will be able to see some other great uses for these new full adhesive notes and they are also giving some away too.

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3 thoughts on “Getting creative with Post-it full adhesive

  1. Who knew there were so many uses for post it notes?! Love that they are sticky all over, I often find post it notes come unstuck or little hands grab them and take them off somewhere! I really like the little road you made, great idea!

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