Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Dolphin #Review

Bath toys in this house are changing – and it could not happen soon enough in my opinion.  We have had the same old boring ones since Emmy was young.  The good old staples which most houses have I’m sure:

  • Ducks
  • Boats
  • Squirters

With a few added every few months however they are all similar and really boring!

Recently Emmy received the Moxie Girls Sophina Doll with Magic Swim Dolphin for review and I couldn’t get her in the bath fast enough.

Setting it up was easy, just add 2 AAA batteries (which aren’t included) to the dolphin and then make sure you screw it all together again tightly to make it water tight.

In the box are:
Sophina, a surf board and the magic swim dolphin.

Moxie Girlz magic swim dolphin, review,
Excited face

Sophina comes ready for a surf in your bath wearing her swimming costume and looking rather beach ready, she has her funky surf board which she lays on and this can be attached to the fin of the dolphin ready to be pulled across the bath, or as the weather improves our paddling pool.

The great thing about this toy is that the dolphin actually swims – as soon as the sensors on the dolphins belly are in contact with water then it begins to work.  It can easily from one side of the bath to the other and the motor noise actually sound quite realistic to a real dolphin noise.

Both Emmy and Harry love this toy and it’s the one they both grab when they get in the bath.  Harry like to whizz the Sophina across the water while Emmy likes to make up stories of her swimming in the ocean with her dolphin best friend.  She has wanted  doll she can take in the bath for ages only none of her other ones have been allowed in – she like washing her hair and undressing her to give her a wash.

From a parents point of view the best thing about this is that as soon as the dolphin comes out of the water he stops swimming – great for saving the batteries and if you forget to take it out of the bath it will stop once the water has drained! Perfect!

Priced at £24.99 this is a great addition to any bathroom. Widgets

Disclaimer: We were sent this toy for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.  This post contains affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “Moxie Girlz Magic Swim Dolphin #Review

  1. actually nice to see bath toys that are for older little girls – a step up from the rubber duck and the wind up fish… will pop on wish list for the next up and coming birthday…

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