Project 365 – Photo round up week 11

Another week has past and there has been SUN….lots of sun.
Not that I’ve seen all that much as all week I’ve been laid up with the flu, although when I say laid up that’s untrue as hubby has had to work, this means I’ve had no choice but to soldier on the best I could, with 2 kids both suffering with it too.
I’m a Mummy first and life goes on.
Day 68

It was our wedding anniversary today.  7 years married and 13 years together.  There was a method to my madness of a march wedding – it was booked the day after our anniversary of getting together, the theory being hubby wouldn’t forget anniversaries then.  It’s worked so far!

Day 69

Flu struck bug time – none of us able to move from the sofa all day.  We watched 4 full length movies back to back and snuggled all day

Day 70

Life goes on and the worse job ever needed doing.  I hate pairing socks!

Day 71

Emmy had been messing around at the table and hadn’t eaten dinner.  She then heard the ice-cream van and knows she couldn’t even ask as she hadn’t eaten dinner.  I have NEVER seen her eat so fast.

Day 72

Playing around with post-it notes.  I was sent some full adhesive post-it notes and challenged to get creative.  You can see what else I did with them here.

Day 73

Emmy wanted to bake today, still not feeling great this was all I could manage – bird’s nest cakes. Very easy to make.

Day 74

I found this on my phone today – breakfast face selfies from Emmy.  I couldn’t help but smile.  She is crazy.


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24 thoughts on “Project 365 – Photo round up week 11

  1. So sorry you've all been feeling rough, hope you're over the worst of it now. I imagine that snuggling up and watching DVDs was the best thing for you all. Yes to pairing socks. Hate it!

  2. love the selfie, comical. Happy Anniversary, another year down. Well done on the birds nest cakes, thats quite an achievement when you have flu, the lying on the couch sounds the best idea.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We also had a March wedding that was planned based on the anniversary of when we met! Hope you are all feeling better? I love the bird nest cakes and that selfie of Emmy is fabulous, look at her eyes!

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