Getting Festive with Brewers Fayre

Family time has been lacking in this household recently since Paul started a new job, he is out first thing in the morning and often not home until the kids are off to bed, and he works on Saturday’s too.  This means family meals are limited to sitting down together on a Sunday.
By that point I’m often so tired I really don’t fancy cooking so when we were asked if we would like to try out the new Festive Menu at our local Brewers Fayre we jumped at the chance and headed off last Sunday.
The new festive menu is available from:
2 courses for £8.99
3 courses for £10.00
Monday-Thursday 12 noon – 5pm
25th November – 18th December 2014
Evenings and Weekends:
3 courses for £13.99
Monday-Thursday from 5pm
Friday-Sunday from 12 noon
25th November – 30th December (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
Kids Festive Menu:
2 courses for £4.99 for children aged 12 and under
Available from 12 noon from 25th November – 30th December (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
Now although the Festive menu had varied options for adults, for children it was VERY limited, so much so that I couldn’t order from it for either of my two children as they would have gone hungry.
The kids menu consist of:
Roast Turkey served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, a chipolata, garden peas, root veg mash and gravy
Christmas pudding – served with custard or vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream – Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate flavour, served with your choice of sauce and a biscuit curl
Now neither my children are all that keen on a roast dinner and would have only eaten the Yorkshire pudding and peas so it seemed pointless to order that for them, but there also was no vegetarian option – not that my children are vegetarians but it was surprising not to see this as an option as I could have ordered that for them instead (they aren’t huge meat eaters and much prefer a pasta type dish, fish pie or even a soup).
Instead they chose Macaroni cheese with garlic bread from the normal menu which they were very happy with.
For the adults there is a good choice:
  • Tomato and Basil Pesto Soup – served with half a Ciabatta bread
  • Prawn Cocktail served with buttered brown bread
  • Pork Pate served with slices of toasted bread and cranberry and apple spiced chutney
  • Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms served with BBQ and ranch dipping sauces
  • Roast Turkey served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, a chipolata, Brussels sprouts, root veg mash, sage, cranberry and onion stuffing and gravy
  • Fish Pie served with a lightly dressed side salad and garlic bread
  • Mushroom Tortelloni Bake served with s lightly dress side salad and garlic bread
  • Festive Beef Burger – a 6oz beef burger topped with brie and cranberry sauce, served in a flavoured bun with sliced tomato sauce.  served with potato dippers and coleslaw
  • Christmas Pudding served with brandy sauce and cranberries
  • Mandarin and Cranberry Sundae – Vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie, mandarins and cranberries, topped with squirty cream
  • Caramel Apple Betty served with custard
  • Warm Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate & fudge sauce
On Sunday when we arrived at just after 4.30pm it was actually rather quiet in our local Brewers Farye, this is always welcomed as you know you won’t be in for a long wait – not something you want with young children.
After placing our order the food arrived quite quickly, the children were given a Beano comic to look at to keep them amused – unfortunately this was rather too old for them and they weren’t interested in it and there wasn’t any crayons or paper for the kids either but I do always carry them in my bag so not a problem for us.
We all opted for 2 courses – those being a main and a dessert.
I chose the festive burger, Paul the roast turkey and the kids had Macaroni Cheese.
For an extra £1.49 and I would recommend this is you like a bigger roast dinner – it will give you extra turkey, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
 Harry got a little bored waiting around so by the time his food arrived we had to use a high chair to stop him running around – he was not impressed.
The food itself was very tasty, Paul wishes he had upgraded his Turkey dinner for a bigger portion but he now knows for next time and my Burger was delicious.  The brie was a nice change to cheddar and the cranberry sauce went really well with the warm burger.  The kids also cleaned their plates so that was a definite winner for them, and they all stole some of my chips but I didn’t complain as my potion was huge. 
For dessert I chose the Christmas pudding, Paul opted for the Brownie and the kids had ice-cream
 With our meals the kids had fruit shoots, Paul and I each had a refillable coke, and I had a large glass of wine while Paul had a beer.  Our bill came to around £45
We all enjoyed our meals and it was a nice opportunity to spend a little time together as a family, chatting, laughing and catching up on our week.
We plan to spend more family times just catching up on a Sunday over a family meal whether that be at home or out it was nice to see the kids enjoying their food and laughing instead of fighting and moaning they didn’t want what I had cooked.

Brewers Fayre are also offering a Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day – you can view the menu here and the cost is 3 courses for £42.99 per adults and 3 courses for £14.99 for kids 12 and under.

Disclaimer:  We received a voucher to cover the cost of our food in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.



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