Getting Your Garden Ready For The Summer

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It is only natural to spend a limited time looking after your garden during the cooler months, although no doubt you and the family are looking forward to spending time out there when it finally warms up again. But before you can do so, there are a few things you may need to do to get your garden ready for the summer.

There is no need to start big now – you can do a quick clean out of the garden in a weekend. But starting to plan ahead of what you will need to achieve and on what time scale can make the whole process more manageable. If you intend to take this approach, then this article is for you.

On a side note, there are companies such as Spring, who offer a free home valuation service – a well-kept garden can increase the value of your property so finding out what this number is before you start work may give you an added incentive.

Check Your Gardening Tools

As we do most of our gardening activities in late spring or early summer, our gardening equipment will receive the most use and attention then. Therefore, before it warms up, it is sensible to add a task that details exactly which tools will need a check-up.

Simple Shed Maintenance

If you are fortunate to have a garden shed to store everything, then use this checklist to prepare for summer:

  • Empty everything out of the whole shed
  • Arrange the items into two groups: ‘to keep’ and ‘off to the tip’. Make sure you action group two – don’t leave these items lingering about
  • Give the shed interior a good clean, and make sure to check the door hinges or sliding mechanism – it will get a good workout over the months ahead!
  • Once the shed is cleaned and checked, place the items you will keep back into the shed, and in an organised manner.
  • A lick of paint can make a huge difference too – I painted ours to look like a beach hut.


Hopefully, you gave this important outdoor item a good clean before last summer ended. For those who did not do so, it is still fairly simple to sort out.

For barbecues that are brick-based, a cleaning job will be minimal – however, you should check the hard-packed cement between the bricks for any cracks or loosened sections and repair accordingly.

Give the actual barbecue a thorough inspection for rust and cracks, making sure you remove any rust caused by the wet winter months – scour the cooking surface with a hardened steel brush.

Check the gas container for any leaks or faulty pipes and fittings. This should be done not just carefully but also very thoroughly.

Once it is externally cleaned, turn on the heat burners and set them to high – this will burn off any remaining fats and cooked food particles, and it prepares the cooking grill and surface for the season’s feasts ahead.

Garden Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture, you will have to make sure they are fundamentally clean and ready for all of your summer fun time ahead. It is always recommended to remove the cushions from any outdoor seating during the winter season, but there are numerous ways to clean them with minimal effort if you forgot to do so.

A well-kept and functional garden can greatly improve your property’s value without having to put in months of work. If you are looking to sell your house quickly, developing and arranging your garden could be the best way to make that happen.

Think Organic and Embrace This Positive Change

Now is the time to embrace organic gardening and we suggest that you take simple steps to achieve this. Now is the time to think about substituting those chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers with organic ones. Think about using peat-free and organically certified compost and why not plan to buy organically grown plants and seeds, growing them in non-plastic pots. By growing your own healthy natural vegetables, you will save money, and you will also have a sense of satisfaction of creating your own organic vegetable garden.

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