A good nights sleep….what’s that?

I fondly remember back to the days pre children, when I would get into bed and stay there until the morning.

I had a love affair with my bed, it was a place I enjoyed being and would happily spend the whole weekend if I could some times.

I used to get up at 6am when I worked as a Nanny and would be out of the door by half past not returning home until 8pm most days – those days were long. I would grab some dinner and then head to bed to watch a TV show or two before switching off the lights around 10pm to ensure I’d be rested for another long day.

Weekends, I would enjoy breakfast in bed – of course making it myself but taking it back to the comfort and warmth of my haven, watching morning TV shows, or an afternoon movie.

Although I owned a whole house at this time and lived in it with Paul we would spend lots of time in bed (and not only for those reasons), it was the warmest room in our house and we both worked busy and long hours – it was just nice not to have to turn on our alarms at the weekends and to laze around until we were ready to face the world.

We could have an afternoon nap if we wanted and watch movies in the afternoon without being disturbed.

Nowadays, I rarely see my own bed and I certainly don’t get the chance to spend longer than 6 hours in it, and even then I would have been awoken many times by the kids and they’ve clambered in with me at some point.

Sleep for me now is always broken, with 2 children this is to be expected. However they are 4 and 7 so I had hoped they would be past this stage by now but alas nothing works, and yes I have tried.

Emmy awakes randomly throughout the night and if I am not with her she will come to find me.  She doesn’t seem to go from one sleep cycle to another, no light sleep to deep sleep, she wakes up as her body transitions to the next cycle and then she hops out of bed which means the whole process needs to start again.

Harry has recently started to do the same, only saying he is scared of the monsters or whatever thin it happens to be that night.

As a result of this I generally awake in Emmy’s bed having fallen asleep getting her back to sleep, and Harry will be one side of me and Emmy the other – both sleeping cuddled into me on my arms. If I am lucky I will awake in my own bed but with a child or two with me, I’ll usually have no recollection of them joining me but they will be there.

It’s doing my back and shoulders no good however and my hips are rather sore too.

I have begun looking into ways of helping my posture while sleeping to help avoid awaking feeling much older than 37 years old. This video has helped me to adjust my sleeping position by using pillows to ensure my spine is correctly aligned which has already started to help my sore back – of course loosing the children in the bed would vastly improve it as would one of these Adjustamatic Orthopaedic Beds. 

On my must-buy list for this year is actually a new bed for my bedroom, the one we have is now 12 years old and we purchased when we first moved into our house, it’s a metal framed bed and the bottom of the frame (under the mattress) has broken due to the children jumping up and down on it, we’ve had to turn the frame support around so the broken part is at the foot end, and the mattress also needs replacing.

I am hoping this can be purchased over the summer, we need to save a little more first as we want one which will last. Then hopefully combined with the above sleeping tips I may finally feel rested when I wake up in the mornings and not like a walking zombie.

Now who wants to have the kids for the weekend so I can sleep?

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