Guest post from Emmy – Why I love my Mummy

It is a proud moment for any Mummy when they are presented with a drawing from their child, but today marks a doubly proud moment because not only did Emmy draw me some lovely pictures this week while she was off school sick with her second sickness bug in two week, she also asked if she could type out her own blog post for you all to read.
So without editing or changing the spelling as I want it to be entirely her own work I pass you over to Emmy, aged 6.  She would love it if you could leave a comment so she can read when she wakes up.
I love my

My Mummy is
caled Clare.

She is my
Mummy and she is Harry’s Mummy to.

She is
Barney’s Mummy to.
I love my

She takes me
to school. I like play time at school and butterfly club. I like
getting stickers and chosing my toy for my 10 stars.
My Mummy
makes my food, I like chocolate and ice crea best
We play
games and read books

She washes
my hair and give me a bath. I like my bath but not my hair wash
She cudles
me and gives me a kiss.

When I am
sick Mummy makes me better and we watch tv. We watch what I want

I love you

We are members of the Netflix Stream Team, As part of the Mother’s Day celebrations this is our #LilStreamTeam takeover post.
I think Emmy did an awesome job and I can see this becoming a regular new feature for us.
Thank you Emmy, it’s a wonderful post baby and I love you – Mummy xx 
 photo streamteamcropped.jpg

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