How to Decorate a House With Kids #AD

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It’s pretty easy to discern a house with children. The clues are typically scattered here and there, from shoes near the doors to failed art projects scrawled on the walls. However, one of the biggest differences I’ve found is how unique the decoration process is once you have children.

Some people think they have to give up all creativity and stylish decorative items as soon as a child arrives. Parents frequently put some items into storage, perhaps out of fear that valuables will get broken or concerns over space.

But just because there are suddenly more people running through the house doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate beautiful decorations.

If your children are artistically inclined, channel their preferences towards making personalized art pieces. Not every bit of paper they get their hands on will turn into a wonderful collage fit for the wall. Children’s art will look better with minimalistic, stylish frames, and correct positioning will make all the difference. A gallery section in the living room, for example, serves as a reminder of the important stages in children’s lives. In the process, you’ll get a space that looks lively and unique.

Another way to entertain children while you decorate is to make them a part of the process. Pick decorative pieces they like or that are unusual to find in a room. A levitating gadget might seem like magic to a young child, prompting all sorts of questions. Floately has some unique floating pieces that draw the eye and bring a whole room together with a minimalistic, yet functional design.

If you want to get some small hands dirty, the Airsai rotating plant pot is the perfect place to start. It will give the children something to do, planting an itsy plant in a pot and learning how to take care of it. One of the benefits of a rotating plant is that it provides optimal sunlight coverage, allowing it to grow upwards rather than lopsided.

You can also teach the kids about the processes involved in levitation when they’re a bit older. A child’s curiosity is boundless, and the sight of a levitating gadget like the Volta lightbulb will keep the questions coming. How does it work? What makes it spin?

This LED lightbulb brings some much-needed illumination to a room, while keeping the guests and children entertained. It looks both rustic and modern simultaneously, thanks to its outstanding design.

Finally, if you have kids at home, be prepared to host a bunch of sleepovers and parties. As a nanny, I’ve seen how many children can fit into a small space. Use furniture pieces that can be moved with ease, like poufs and bean bags. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, allowing you to play around with the decoration. You can even make them permanent pieces in the living room when the adult guests come over. To check out Floately’s products click here:


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