How well do you know the Chinese Zodiac?

The Chinese zodiac is one of the most interesting time measurement systems out there. For one, it repeats in a 12 year cycle – with each year assigned to one of the 12 animal signs. These animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and finally, pig. The animals were deliberately chosen for their lucky qualities and affinity with Chinese culture.

Being aware of what your animal is and the year of your animal is a frugal decision when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. Why? Well, ignoring your year can actually cause you some serious bad luck! And that can be devastating with anything involving good fortunes – like playing online slots for example.

But why is it bad luck? According to Chinese astrology, there is a belief that a person in their zodiac year actually offends Tai Sui a.k.a.the God of Ages. Offending this deity means being cursed with a year’s worth of bad luck. 365 days of misfortune doesn’t sound so appealing – and thankfully there are ways to ward off the curse.

For example: wearing red. Red happens to be one of the luckiest colours in Chinese culture and symbolises prosperity. Draping yourself in red garments will not only make you look stylish (and possibly stand out) but will also deflect any bad luck. Just remember: you will need a relative to buy the red clothing for you – buying it yourself does not work!

Another way to combat any godly curses on your animal year is to wear accessories made from jade, another lucky symbol in Chinese culture. Now that you have the tools to avoid the wrath of Tai Sui, it’s time to test your knowledge with our quick quiz – how well do you know your Chinese symbols? Answer them all correctly and you can consider yourself a Chinese zodiac master!

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